These 10 Bean Recipes Are Meal Prep Miracles

updated May 29, 2019
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We’ve touted the benefits of keeping a few cans of beans stashed in the pantry and working this humble, protein-rich staple into your meal plan. But where it really comes in handy is when you’re meal prepping for the week ahead. Not only does this hearty pantry staple keep its toothsome texture and hold up over the long haul, but beans also often pick up even more flavor day after day. Here are 10 easy recipes to work beans into your meal prep routine.

Whether you eat it warm or chilled, this Italian take on beans and greens is bound to become a regular addition to your meal prep session. The recipes calls for chickpeas, but you can swap in any type of canned beans. Eat it on its own, topped with an egg, spooned over toast, or stuffed into a pita or baked potato.

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The most wonderful thing about marinated beans is that they pick up more and more flavor every day. This is a great one to meal prep if you need a lunch option that doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

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Stuff this chunky salsa in a soft flour tortilla with some sour cream and guac, wrap it up, and you’ve got a dinner that comes together in mere minutes. It’s also hearty enough to be the protein-packed main in a burrito bowl.

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No matter what meal of the day you serve these pitas, you can’t go wrong. Cook the chickpea filling and assemble the pitas during meal prep, then stash then in the freezer for later.

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Start with a pound of any type of beans or combo of beans and lean on your slow cooker to bring this satisfying soup to life.

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When it comes to salads, one of your best bets when getting a head start is recipes that use beans as a base. They pick up more flavor day after day and don’t wilt or get soggy. Quinoa, farro, shredded chicken, or a few strips of leftover steak are an easy way to bulk it up.

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If you’ve been reserving kidney beans for chili, this is another wholesome, comforting way to put then to work. Canned beans can be used in place of dried to cut down the prep time. Don’t forget to make a pot of rice while the curry is simmering to round out your meal prep.

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If your lunch struggle involves coming up with veggie-friendly options that are filling, easy to make ahead, and a breeze to eat at your desk, this wrapped quesadilla stuffed with cumin-scented chickpeas, gooey melted cheddar, and scallions was made with you in mind.

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While veggie burgers are typically easy to make (like this one), they require more prep than feels doable on a weeknight, which makes them a perfect meal prep candidate. In fact, I recommend making a double batch and freezing the rest of later.

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Made from a handful of pantry staples, these meat-free nuggets can be totally prepped and cooked during your meal prep session, the reheated in the oven before dinner.