Beans For Breakfast: 6 Hearty Recipes

updated May 2, 2019
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One of my new eating habits this year is to get more protein at breakfast, which makes a big difference in my energy level throughout the day. As a vegetarian, my preferred source for protein is beans, and there are so many varieties, including heirlooms, that it never gets boring! Here are some recipes I enjoy or want to try. Do you have any favorite ways to eat beans for breakfast?

We always keep a couple cans of beans in the pantry but ideally make beans from scratch – they’re so much more delicious (and less wasteful) that way! If you’re new to cooking beans, don’t worry, it’s really not difficult; check out our posts on How To Cook Beans, A Fast, Foolproof, No-Soak Method, How to Cook Beans in the Slow Cooker, and Cooking Beans in a Clay Pot. I like to cook up a pot the night before or on Sunday so we have plenty for the week ahead.

As for recipes, there’s no rule that states you must eat a certain type of dish for breakfast or dinner. A bowl of vegetarian chili or lentil soup can taste just perfect on a cold morning. But if you’re looking for something a little more “breakfast-y,” here are some suggestions:

Bean Chilaquiles – A hearty meal made with tortillas, pinto-type beans, eggs, and salsa

Breakfast Burrito – I like mine with black beans and leftover brown rice and vegetables from the night before

Baked Beans On Toast

Tofu Scramble – To this recipe or any other tofu scramble, add some cooked beans such as black or pinto

Ful Medammes – An Egyptian and Arabic breakfast made from fava beans, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice, and served with pita bread

Chè Đậu Xanh – To make this Vietnamese dessert soup healthier for breakfast, I increase the mung beans and decrease the sugar; it’s also good with grated ginger


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(Image: Faith Durand)