Be a Candy Wizard and Make Your Own Snickers Bars

(Image credit: A Saucy Kitchen)

Next time a craving for a Snickers bar hits you, don’t run to the store — you can have a homemade version of the candy in about an hour. All the elements of the traditional Snickers are here — nougat base topped with caramel and covered in chocolate — just with a healthier slant.

The author notes that, because each candy bar is hand-formed, this kitchen project is a bit time-consuming. You’ll need to make the vegan caramel layer and the coconut-almond nougat layer, and then melt the dark chocolate in a double-boiler before you can start assembling the bars.

Despite being vegan and Paleo, these sweet, chewy bars are a great stand-in for the real deal. Plus you get bragging rights for making them from scratch!

Get the Recipe: Healthier Homemade Snickers from A Saucy Kitchen