10 Cheeses and Their Literary Counterparts

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Forget wine. Pull out a book by one of these 10 authors for your next cheese pairing! 

As a former English major and current food lover, I confess to little fits of glee whenever I come across anything food-and-literature-related. (Remember these writers’ cocktails or this list of writers’ favorite snacks?) Today’s find comes to us from The Airship, and it’s specifically geared towards cheese lovers, of which I am one: 10 cheeses and their literary counterparts! 

Did you know that Humbolt Fog is the perfect cheese to eat if you’re reading Joyce Carol Oates? This classic from Murray’s Cheese has an “ashy middle and layered texture” with a “mysterious, yet tantalizing flavor [that] has wooed the hearts of many,” much like Ms. Oates’ work. 

Reading Virginia Woolf? Then try the Bayley Hazen Blue. It’s “dense with flavor, care and feeling,” the “Mrs. Dalloway of cheeses.”

If you’re a fan of Toni Morrison, then make sure to try the L’amuse 2 Year Aged Gouda. It has “rich notes of hazelnut and caramel, and a deep, complex finish,” a perfect accompaniment for “a writer known for her intricate themes, vivid dialogue and skill for detail.”

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This could be a fun thing to pull out for your next book club get-together! Match the cheese to its author!

(Image: Juno Diaz and El Trigal Manchego, via The Airship)