updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Baum-Kuchen)

What do you get when you combine the aesthetics of German Bauhaus and Japanese wabi-sabi? You get the beautiful products showcased at Baum-Kuchen, a husband-and-wife run studio/shop based in Los Angeles. While the kitchen goods selection is small, the few pieces they do have are Japanese-made investment pieces — lovely in their design, durable, and very functional.

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4th-Market Pera Cotta, $128 (Image credit: Baum-Kuchen)

You may recognize the second product from Faith’s Daily Find last week. These Japanese-made ceramic cookware pieces are just so great — they’re our go-to dream pieces for the kitchen.

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1. 4th-Market Pera Cotta, $128, made in Japan: “The pot is made out of heat resistant ceramic that does not expand or contract by an extreme temperature shift so it can be used on a stove. The beautiful wooden handle compliments the white color and textures of the ceramic pot.”

2. 4th-Market Risotto in Black, $78, made in Japan: “Risotto’s beautiful design is perfect for an oven-to-table presentation. The oval shape and the quality of ceramic makes this ovenware subtle highlight on the table. It makes an everyday meal as well as a gathering with your friends extra special.”

3. MINOTAKE Small Spoon, $12, made in Japan: “The way you can incorporate this beautiful cutlery in your kitchen is infinite! We can highly recommend eating ice cream (the contrast in color and texture between the bamboo spoon and ice cream is unexpectedly beautiful) or use it as a small dish to serve a one-bite appetizer!”

4. MINOTAKE Large Square Plate, $78, made in Japan: “In order to create this plate, a piece of bamboo was stretched out and flatten using heat. The designer Makoto Koizumi has used the natural curvature of bamboo to create this uniquely organic shape. Bamboo makes this plate very durable and lightweight.”

5. 4th-Market Ricotta Milk Pot, $98, made in Japan: “Made out of heat resistant ceramic… The proportion, size and a small handle make Ricotta Milk Pot very versatile cookware in a kitchen. It’s great for warming up milk (of course) but also great for cooking/warming up other liquid such as soup.”

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