Baseball-Themed Dessert for a Baby Shower?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I’m co-hosting a baby shower next month and I volunteered to handle the food. We’re going with a baseball theme and I’d love to carry that over into the food.

I’ve looked at recipes for soft pretzels and homemade Cracker Jacks but I’d like to make at least one other food, maybe more of a dessert. Any suggestions?

Sent by Laura

Editor:Laura, what about a simple frosted round layer cake, with some red icing to make it look like a baseball? This is fairly straightforward and not too demanding, even if you’re not experienced in decorating cakes. You could do the same with sugar cookies, as seen here:

Batter Up! Baseball Sugar Cookies at Treats (so cute!)

Readers, any other ideas for baseball-themed foods and desserts?