Baroque Jellies from Bompas & Parr

Baroque Jellies from Bompas & Parr

Faith Durand
Apr 1, 2009

Are quivering, fluorescent jellies in baroque shapes perhaps the next big thing in culinary one-upsmanship? Can they replace the perfect macaron, the gourmet cupcake, and elegant sugar cookies to be the next internet craze? Perhaps, if cooks take inspiration from British duo Bompas & Parr.

We were tickled by the New York Times piece on this dynamic duo this morning. These two young chefs from England are creating jelly masterpieces halfway between childhood treats and installation art. They've created architectural landmarks and wedding cakes out of jelly, specializing in custom molds and over-the-top pieces. Here's a look at these enterprising young gentlemen and their culinary events and crazy jellies.

• 1 They dressed up in ties and tails and brought a trolley of architectural jellies and other treats to a hospital ward on Christmas.

• 2 Here a design for an airport, created out of a jelly that served 250 people.

• 3 They also create custom moulds for wedding jellies, which they say are lighter than cake and "are kinder to the stomach after a heavy meal so make it less likely for guest to fall asleep during the speeches!"

• 4 But they don't just do jelly. They've also written a book on Victorian breakfast, and served a classic English breakfast to a group at Warwick Castle.

• 5 We admire the old-fashioned cheekiness and avant-garde mix in their jelly sculptures and installations. What will they do next?

We expect to hear more from Bompas & Parr, especially since they're not limiting themselves to jellies and baroque pieces: their website is currently inviting the public to Alcoholic Architecture: "the UK's first walk in cocktail," with breathable gin and tonic mist, giant limes, and massive straws. We can't wait to see what comes next.

And we do think that there's a lot of inspiration for home cooks in these creations. We are on the record as loving homemade jellies; gelatin isn't all Jell-O and green pineapple salads. We love homemade jellies with fruit and juice. Some of their creations look simple enough for an easy home dinner. In fact, these are ideal for dinner parties because they are made ahead, turn out very pretty, and are served with zero fuss.

• Visit Bompas & Parr's website: Jellymongers
• Get a recipe for Campari Jelly: Recipe: Campari Jelly

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(Images: Beth Evans, Dan Price, Fiona Leahy & Co Events, and Greta Ilieva via Bompas & Parr)

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