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I’m a Former Barista, and This Is the One Thing I’m Buying on Black Friday

published Nov 24, 2022
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Iced Coffee Pour
Credit: Stocksy | Emily Triggs

It’s probably a holdover from when I used to work in a coffee shop, but I’ve gotta say, I love pulling espresso shots, using a moka pot, and standing over a cup of pour-over while meticulously pouring concentric circles of water from a gooseneck kettle. These days, though, I find myself gravitating back to regular ol’ drip coffee time and time again — especially after a quick stint staying at my folks’ house for the Thanksgiving holiday. They drink rocket fuel: dark roast, high-strength coffee that’s more practical than palate-pleasing. However, there’s something about the strength, ease-of-use, and simplicity of a drip coffee machine that just feels right — patriotic, even. (Although, that might just be because Team USA is in the World Cup right now.)

But, no matter the reason, the fact remains: I can’t get enough plain ol’ drip coffee. Unfortunately, I broke the pot on my last miniature coffee machine, so I’ve been out of luck for a few weeks now. And, with most of my tiny apartment’s limited counter space already occupied by other coffee gear and small appliances, it’s a little tough to justify another piece of equipment to make my morning mud. That’s why I need something like the OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker: something chic, sleek, and on sale right now as a part of Williams Sonoma’s awesome slate of Black Friday deals

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This coffee maker is precisely what I’m looking for this Black Friday, and while I might not spring for something like this at almost $230, at just over $180, I’d practically be losing money if I didn’t jump on this deal ASAP. The OXO 9-Cup Coffee Maker isn’t just a cool-looking piece of gear, either — this thing is a beast. It features a BetterBrew Precision Brewing system which optimizes brewing temperatures and volumes for rich, flavorful coffee every time, regardless of the size of your batch. It’s also 100 percent programmable and pretty straightforward: A single dial lets you choose how many cups you want to brew, input your program time, and set an automatic wake-up timer so you’ll have a fresh pot of Joe before you even get out of bed. 

Besides the sweet settings, the showerhead-style action means water will evenly disperse over your grounds for even saturation and extraction, and the internal mixing tube blends your coffee as it’s brewed, which ensures consistency and strength. (Of course, it also has a pause-and-pour feature so you grab a cup before brewing is complete, if you’re in a rush.) Plus, it has a double-walled, stainless-steel thermal carafe that keeps the pot hot, and a freshness timer that shows exactly how long your coffee has been sitting out, so you’ll never have to worry if the cup you’re about to drink is stale or burnt. The whole thing is also certified by the Specialty Coffee Association for “gold-standard home brewing.”

Oh, and if you’re looking to knock out some holiday shopping this weekend, the OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker is a great gift for any coffee-loving friend or family member, because it’s way sleeker than your average Mr. Coffee (though, no hate for my old standard), and its unique design takes it from a regular gift to something special. I know it’s on my list! 

Buy: OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker, $183.95 (normally $229.95)