Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels

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Item: Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels
Price: $10.00 – $15.99 per roll of 20
Overall Impression: Excellent for 95% of your daily paper towel uses.

What’s your relationship to paper towels these days? Most people I know enjoy the convenience but feel guilty about the environmental impact of their manufacturing process and voracious landfill filling capacity. Is there a way to keep the convenience but do away with the negative environmental impact? Bambooee brand reusable ‘paper towels’ has taken up this question and offers a solution in their reusable, washable bamboo rayon towels. Read on for my review.

The Review

Characteristics and Specs: Bambooee towels look like any white paper towels, only the roll is thinner. They are made from rayon, which is made from sustainable, organic bamboo. Each roll has 20 towels, separated by perforations. Each individual towel is 11″ x 11.5″ and can be washed 100 times.
Favorite details: Sturdier and more absorbent than paper towels; reusable and sustainable.
Potential problems: Minor quibbles: storage is not as convenient once you wash the towels (they are no longer on a roll) and there will still be the occasional mess you will just want to wipe up and immediately toss out, such as pet ‘accidents.’
Splurge-worthy? Absolutely. Each towel can be washed 100 times, meaning that one roll of Bambooee is equal to 286 rolls of conventional paper towels.
Good for small kitchens? Yes. The roll of towels will fit onto your average paper towel holder. Once they have been used and dried, they will need an alternative storage. I found it convenient to just drape the dried towels over the unused portion of the roll, therefore making it easy to grab one.

I’m really happy with my experience with Bambooee. They function like a paper towel, only better because they’re much sturdier and more absorbent. They washed up wonderfully, shrinking some but also becoming fluffier. I have not tried them on super greasy situations, such as draining bacon, but they did really well with mopping up spills and wiping down my stove top and windows.

How are they different from keeping cotton rags and wiping cloths around as an alternative to paper towels? I found the towels to be more absorbent and more resilient than cotton rags and they also seemed easier to rinse clean, too. But if you’re already happy with your cotton rag system, then Bambooee might not necessarily be for you.

If you’re trying to transition away from paper towels, then Bambooee is perfect because it mimics how we use paper towels. Just rip a towel off of the roll as needed only instead of tossing the towel into the trash when you’re done, simply rinse and drape over the tap to dry. If the spill was especially nasty, you may want to wash it in a washing machine before using it again.

I found that a single Bambooee worked well in my kitchen for a week or so before I felt compelled to wash it. Of course, there are those messes that you just want to wipe up and toss away. This is where Bambooee isn’t going to work. For those moments, use a regular paper towel or newspaper.

Bambooee may not cover every paper towel task, but it covers most. And it is a big step towards reducing our dependency on non-renewable resources. Another issue with Bambooee is that the bamboo is grown in China and the towels are manufactured in a plant next to the grove. From an eco point of view, the transportation from China is not ideal. However, Bambooee would like to grow and make their product in the US and is working towards creating a bamboo economy here.

Find It! Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels, $15.99 per roll of 20 at Amazon or directly thought the Bambooee website, $20.00 + $5.99 shipping for two rolls.

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