Bamboo Compost Crock from Gardener’s Supply Company

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you use a compost crock or slop pail in the kitchen? We love our stainless steel compost pail. We fill it up every week with vegetable trimmings before dumping a full load on the compost heap. It’s green and convenient too (love it when it works out like that). But what if you want something warmer than stainless steel? Well, we just noticed this handsome bamboo compost pail.

The crock is made out of smooth, warm bamboo. (The lid is cute!) There is an inner plastic pail that you can lift out for dumping and cleaning. This pail might be a little more at home in some kitchens with less stainless steel and more warm and natural materials.

• Find it: Bamboo Compost Crock, $39.95 at Gardener’s Supply Company

Regardless of aesthetics and looks, though, we just think a compost crock is a good idea! It’s easy to sweep trimmings into it, and all those onion tops and garlic skins can go into your garden next year, as rich and nourishing compost.

(Images: Gardener’s Supply Company)

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