This Italian Cookware Brand Is Offering Up to 80% Off Their Popular Cookware — Shop Our Top 5 Picks

updated Nov 14, 2022
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There are good deals out there, and then there are really good deals. Here at the Kitchn, we’re enthusiastic about all types of savings, but sometimes, a sale event comes along and sweeps us off our feet. That’s exactly what happened when we discovered the Ballarini sale happening right now — with discounts of up to 80 percent on their Italian-made cookware. You’ll want to head to parent company Zwilling to find massive price cuts on high-performing stainless-steel pots, nonstick pans, and more. With the holidays right around the corner, this special event couldn’t come at a better time.

We’ve picked a few of our favorite deals, including a Dutch oven that comes in three sizes and a pasta pot with its own removable colanders! They’re great gifts for home cooks as well as gifts for beginner cooks to start them out on the right foot. You can’t go wrong with this type of quality!

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The Ballarini brand is built on the tradition of flavorful Italian cuisine, so it only makes sense that they would have a line of Dutch ovens available in green, white, and red. This adorable cocotte keeps your stews and baked goods moist and hot long after you've taken them out of the oven. The sleek enameled cast iron is also sturdy and scratch-proof, so you can keep this pot in your cooking rotation for years upon years without any worries.

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Eveyone needs a good frying pan for everday sides, such as eggs, bacon, and asparagus. This nonstick must-have is just right for the job. It comes with its own glass lid, so you can keep an eye on your food while ensuring that moisture and smells stay locked in. What's more, the pan is made of pure aluminum, which allows for quick and easy heating.

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Despite its name, this aluminum sauce pan is extremely versatile and good for heating soup, preparing risotto, and whipping up a number of other diverse dishes. With the winter holidays coming up, it'll also come in handy for making sides such as gravy and mashed potatoes. The pan's copper exterior is truly a sight to behold, and it'll only take you a couple minutes to wash this small vessel.

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The cool thing about this deep pasta pot is that you can cook two different dishes at once. That's because its removable colanders keep the halves separated, allowing you to get more done without taking up excessive stove space. Additionally, each colander has attachable handles for safe and easy straining.

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It doesn't matter if you're braising pork chops or quickly heating leftovers — Ballarini's sauté pan will be your go-to. This nonstick aluminum skillet features an ergonomic handle, as well as a scratch-resistant interior that can hold its own against metal utensils. There's even a light sensor that changes color to let you know when the preheating stage is over! That's some serious innovation.