I Was Ready to Throw Out All of My Old Mason Jars Until I Tried This $13 Upgrade

published Apr 11, 2024
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When I moved back into my childhood home five months ago, one of my big projects was reorganizing the kitchen. Our Tupperware cabinet was a disaster, we had a bunch of cookware that had seen better days, and the pantry was its own storm altogether. During my many kitchen decluttering sessions, I came across a bunch of mason jars in random places. Based on the state of their dust and rust-accented lids, they’d seen better days.

As I began loading them into a high cabinet for storage, I realized we had way more than we needed. Plus, with the other food storage containers, glasses, and tumblers, I wondered if we needed them at all. Just when I was reaching the decision to get rid of every mason jar in our cabinets, I remembered the Wooden Storage Lids from Ball I’d been saving for a rainy day.

What are the Ball Jar Wooden Storage Lids?

It’s exactly as it sounds: Ball’s Wooden Storage Lids are replacement tops for mason jars that give them an instant upgrade. The lids are available in regular and wide mouth, and come as a pack of five. The lids are made from natural acacia wood that gives each its own unique color variation. Its silicone base also forms an airtight seal. With the lids, mason jars not only become more decorative, they also become more stackable as the top creates a flat surface for organizing. The wooden storage lids must be washed by hand and are equipped for dry foods, pantry storage, and decor.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Ball Jar Wooden Storage Lids

The biggest reason I love these wooden storage lids is because they give new life to our mason jars. I’ve gotten rid of so many rusty metal lids over the years, and the wood ones are a fantastic alternative. They look really nice, and the airtight silicone base makes them both functional and stylish. The metal lids weren’t necessarily stopping me from using mason jars however I needed to, but with the wooden lids, they don’t look out of place holding cotton balls in the bathroom or storing mixed nuts in the pantry. The lid upgrade just expands their purpose without being an eyesore. Getting the wooden lids also helped me narrow down the jars I actually want to keep and the ones I can afford to part ways with for good. Between streamlining my pantry storage and decluttering the cabinets, making this small change turned out to be a big step in my ongoing effort to create my dream kitchen.

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