Ball Just Released Limited-Edition Aqua Mason Jars for Their 135th Anniversary

updated Aug 24, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Ball

Ball Mason jars have been the gold standard for canners for almost a century and a half. Since 1884, they’ve been used by people preserving the harvest, storing food, and decorating their rustic-chic weddings.

But, as any vintage store stalker and canning aficionado may have noticed, the jars have not stayed the same throughout the many years. Since Ball began making them, they’ve made minute changes to the size and shape of the jars, the colors, and the logo on them. Now, in honor of their 135th anniversary, the company will offer the Collector’s Edition Ball Aqua Vintage Jars, explains a recent press release.

The company will reintroduce the brand’s vintage aqua blue jars, “designed with the aesthetics of the past,” including rounded shoulders, the aqua coloring, and a logo that dates to the early 20th century.

The color turns out, however, not to have been an aesthetic choice in the first place: it was originally from the minerals in the sand used to make the glass jars. Ball’s website doesn’t specify that the recreated jars are colored in the same way, instead suggesting that you can replicate the experience of the old jars with these ones. Except, as expert canners will note, without the sealing difficulties that often come with using actual vintage jars for food preservation. Of course, if you’re using the jars for basic storage, crafting, or decorating your wedding in a barn, the lack of a seal probably doesn’t matter much.

If you’re thinking, huh, I have some blue Ball jars, and I know they’re not 100 years old, you’re probably right: in 2013, they celebrated another anniversary by releasing a set of blue jars as well, calling them the Heritage Jar collection.

The aqua vintage jars come in half-pint, pint, and quart sizes, each in four packs, and are available for purchase on the Target website.