Why You Should Use 3 Bowls When Separating Eggs

published May 28, 2013
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(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Normally, I’m all for minimizing the number of bowls needed for a single task. But when it comes to separating eggs and ensuring that nary a wisp of yolk touches those pristine egg whites, three is the magic number.

Before you start cracking your eggs, set three small bowls around your work station. Crack your egg into the first bowl and scoop out the yolk. The yolk goes into the second bowl, and the egg white gets tipped into the third bowl. The first bowl is now empty and ready for you to separate another egg. 

This might seem a bit neurotic, and for a long time, I just used two bowls — scooping out the yolk, leaving the whites behind, and then cracking the next egg into the bowl with the egg whites. But there’s nothing worse than successfully separating several eggs only to have that last one (and it’s always the last one) break its yolk. 

After learning this lesson the hard way, that third bowl starts to look like a very good idea!

What other tips do you have for successfully separating eggs?