Baking Tip: Roll Out Cookie Dough With Powdered Sugar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You know how you’re not supposed to use too much flour when rolling out cookies? And if you do, you’re rewarded with a nice floury mouthful of yeerrk! when you bite into the cookie? We have a new solution: roll out cookie dough with powdered sugar instead of flour.

We came across this tip in a cut-out cookie recipe we made recently and had to pause for a moment to appreciate its sheer simplicity – and obviousness. This neatly avoids the whole problem of caked-on flour after rolling out cookie dough. No one’s going to complain if there’s a little extra powdered sugar on the bottom of their cookie.

We haven’t tried it yet, but we’re also curious if this trick could also be used for rolling out pie crust. We’re always worried about incorporating too much flour, and this would help put our minds at ease.

We’re looking forward to many baking successes using this tip!

(Image: Flickr member YoAmes licensed under Creative Commons)