Baking Mysteries: Hollow Middles in Our Kugelhopf

Baking Mysteries: Hollow Middles in Our Kugelhopf

Emma Christensen
Jun 30, 2010

Remember these kugelhopf rolls? Tender, buttery, totally addictive? Well, we discovered an unexpected quirk in a few of them: they were totally hollow on the inside. We couldn't figure it out. Take a look for yourselves!

See? It's like the middle of the roll just fell out - or more likely poofed up. It actually reminded us of a few batches of popovers we've made that have emerged from the pan with a similar bottom-less look.

Our first guess was that we were rolling the dough too tightly and not giving those inner rolls enough room to expand. In the heat of the oven, they couldn't push outward, so they could only go up.

We tested this theory by rolling subsequent batches much more loosely and with fewer overall rolls. This really seemed to help, but we would still get one or two hollow rolls in every batch.

Any ideas on what causes this or how to prevent it from happening?

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(Images: Emma Christensen)

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