Baking Mixes You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Serve to Your Guests

I’ll fully admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to making things from scratch. I grew up making brownies and cakes from simple, homemade recipes that took about the same amount of time as a boxed recipe, so I never felt the need to reach for a box mix.

That was until last week when I found myself hosting an impromptu five-person dinner and TV season premiere night on a day that was already pretty much scheduled down to the minute.

(Image credit: The Invisible Chef)

Thankfully, my friends were willing to order pizza. Also thankfully, I had a box of these bars on hand to give a try. It only took me about 12 minutes to go from opening the box to pressing the bars into the pan. (I had forgotten how delightful it can be not to have to measure out dry ingredients.)

Just as importantly, the bars got rave reviews. The vanilla and almond were pretty strong, but in a good way. And because I had it on hand, I opted for apricot jam instead of the suggested raspberry. It worked perfectly, and actually went nicely with the white wine we were drinking.

Having a homemade dessert made the evening feel a little bit less impromptu, and of course, everyone was happy to take leftover bars for the road.