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42 of the Very Best Gifts for Bakers

updated Dec 11, 2023
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Everyone knows a home baker who is in the kitchen so much, it seems like their ovens never have a chance to cool down from all the delicious pies, cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats they’re always making. And, when it comes to eager home bakers, not just any cooking gifts will do. You want to find them the right tools to make their baking adventures easier and more fun.

Whether it’s gifts for bread bakers (they might need a new scale or rolling pin), cookie enthusiasts (check out the gorgeous Great Jones baking sheets), or cake fiends (hello, reusable cake pan mats), we’re positive that these baking gifts are sure to delight any baker whose happiest moment is taking something delicious out of the oven.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts for bakers so you can spoil them with new bakeware, gadgets, accessories, and more. With luxurious gifts such as a KitchenAid stand mixer and Le Creuset casserole dish, as well as under-$50 finds including a handy timer and baking mat, there are baking gift ideas here to fit any budget — or baker!

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Uncommon Goods

For the baker with ambitious intentions who could use a culinary assistant, this Baker's Helper comes pretty darn close. An acacia wood board with six egg holders, two butter trays, and a ceramic cup lets you bring cold ingredients to room temperature — here's to higher cakes. A hand-blown glass cloche keeps everything safe in the meantime.

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Williams Sonoma

The next best thing to a trip to Paris? A three-month gift subscription of croissants from San Francisco's La Marais bakery. The pastries arrive frozen so they can be baked fresh at home.

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Let your favorite baker put a bonnet on it — literally — with this twee cloth bowl cover for rising dough, plus a matching drawstring bag for a baked loaf. Of course these are machine washable; in fact they get softer with every wash.

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was $74.00

All they need is their favorite recipe! This Baker's Bundle includes oven mitts, cupcake liners, and a super helpful pastry mat, so they'll be ready to bake the best batch yet.

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Uncommon Goods

Learn how to make miniature versions of this popular street food with this taiyaki maker. The stovetop iron makes four sea bream fish-shaped cakes at a time, which you can fill with the traditional azuki bean paste or anything else that sounds tasty. The enclosed recipe card walks you through mixing the cake batter and using the iron.

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Williams Sonoma

This French-style maple rolling pin is crafted from solid North American maple. Its straight cylinder glides smoothly across any dough, allowing you to create your favorite sugar cookie dough or buttery puff pastry.

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Williams Sonoma

Made of stainless steel with a gold-plated finish, Williams Sonoma's set of gold measuring cups and spoons is a must-have for anyone who loves baking. In each set, you'll find four cups (1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup) and four spoons (1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp and 1 tbs), and they have US and metric capacities that make it easy to read.

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These stainless steel mixing bowls from CuisineArt come in three sizes: 1-1/2- , 3- , and 5-quart, each with a tight-fitting lid. Dishwasher safe, freezer safe and refrigerator, they are versatile bowls great for mixing ingredients or storing food.

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Take organizing to the next level with OXO's 8-piece POP storage container set. Airtight, stackable, space-efficient, and dishwasher safe, these beautiful containers help keep ingredients fresh and pantry organized.

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Williams Sonoma
was $19.95

Your friend already makes picture-perfect pies? Give them a fun new challenge with these cute seasonal hand pie molds.They're hinged to allow for thorough crimping, so none of that delicious filling will leak out.

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Le Creuset

A similar style to our favorite lidded casserole dish, this heritage dish from Le Creuset features a timeless design in an array of gorgeous enamel finishes that the French brand is known for. This dish is ideal for your baker's most-loved confections including cinnamon rolls and cobblers because the smooth surface is essentially nonstick while the stoneware design ensures everything bakes evenly.

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From our partner

Accidents happen even to the most experienced bakers. Gift this set of reusable oven liners for the next time your friend's soufflé bubbles over. With these flat, non-stick mats, spilled contents won't fall onto the actual oven racks and result in needless scraping. And, unlike regular aluminum foil, the liners can be washed and used again countless times. They're such a time-saver and much less wasteful than the alternative!

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was $24.70

Nordic Ware is a great tried-and-true brand that any baking lover will know (and love). Kitchn contributor and resident pastry chef, Stella, calls this old-fashioned bundt pan one of her favorite pieces of bakeware that her grandmother loved. You'll instantly have a showstopping cake because of the pretty shape of this pan — plus, it'll slide right out thanks to the nonstick surface.

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Williams Sonoma

Silpat is an essential brand for any baker because of their popular (and super useful!) nonstick baking mats. But, they also have this ingenious cake pan mat that is perfect for anyone who is constantly struggling with cutting their parchment paper to fit the rounded pans. It's another eco-friendly alternative that will just make life easier while baking, especially since it's also dishwasher-safe.

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Flour sifters are essential for any home baker to ensure that their dry ingredients are fine and clump-free. This classic-looking sifter can hold three cups and includes a hand crank that will make the sifting process much less tedious. And, its stylish design means they'll have fun using it, too!

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We all know at least one impressive baker who can juggle multiple recipes at once. This is the gift for them! With three timers in one, they’ll be sure to know when to check on their candied kumquats without neglecting the cookies in the oven. Each item gets its own unique sound, too.

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Sure, stand mixers are a coveted kitchen appliance, but sometimes a lightweight hand mixer is all you need — or want. Honestly, we firmly believe that most bakers need both. This model, a favorite of our staffers, provides all the power that's necessary with an easy-to-hold (and clean) design.

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We never thought we'd love a set of spatulas as much as we love these. Yet, here we are — they're seriously perfect. They're heat-safe to high temps, feel great in your hand, and are made of one piece of silicone, which means they're easy to clean. Plus, two is always better than one!

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Oven mitts can get DIRTY! And, no one actually thinks to clean them. That’s why a fresh new mitt (or two!) is always an appreciated gift. This one features a non-slip silicone grip and an extra-long length that helps protect arms.

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These cooling racks will save your favorite baker a lot of time and frustration. See, lots of cooling racks don't actually fit into sheet pans properly. (We've done all the trial and error in order to find that this set fits just right.) These will work with the sheet pans your loved one already has, but you can also throw in some new ones if you're looking to round out the gift.

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Great Jones

This find makes choosing a gift a piece of cake. These cake pans have everything a baker could want in a piece of bakeware: They conduct heat well, they have a wavy bottom for easy release, and their non-stick surface means more cake will make it to where it belongs (on a plate).

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Williams Sonoma

We’ve all ooh-ed and aah-ed over intricate pie crust posts on Instagram and dreamed of having enough time to try to create something similar. In reality, it’s a lot harder than the pros make it look — luckily, this silicone mold can help the baker in your life create impressive designs in a fraction of the time.

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Williams Sonoma

Sure, the baker in your life probably already has a reusable, nonstick baking mat or two already. After all, they’re a staple in many professional and home kitchens. But, there's something to be said for getting and using a brand new (unstained!) mat. Let someone you know experience that little joy with this two-pack that includes sizes for quarter and half baking sheets.

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This popular scale is a favorite in our kitchens, which is why it’s earned a spot on our Kitchen Essentials List multiple years in a row. It’s less expensive than other options on the market, and yet just as accurate. Plus, it’s super intuitive to use.

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Great Jones
was $90.00

Our readers know that we’re big fans of these sheet pans. Not only do they look great, but they perform better than other sheet pans we've tested. This collection of three ensures that the person you’re treating has just the right size for whatever they want to cook up.

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Treat a pie maker (or wannabe) in your life to a gorgeous new dish to show off their next creation. The deep ruffles on this pie dish ensure that crusts come out nice and pretty, no matter the skill level of the baker.

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was $449.99

A good, hard-working stand mixer is essential to every baker's kitchen — and KitchenAid is the go-to name in the game. Show the loved one in your life who loves to bake some serious support by investing in this stylish piece of equipment that will last them years.

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From our partner
was $545.00

To say we love, love, love Caraway cookware would still somehow be an understatement — so imagine how excited the Kitchn team was when the brand launched their first bakeware set earlier this year! Included in the 11-piece line are two different-sized baking sheets, a storage organizer, muffin pan, rectangle pan, cooling rack, square pan, loaf pan, and two circle pans — and you can choose from five gorgeous shades, too. So basically everything your favorite at-home baker needs, plus a total function and style upgrade. (Each piece is ceramic-coated and non-toxic, too.) Even better? Starting today through December 8, you can get up to 20 percent off sitewide with 10 percent off orders over $95, 15 percent off orders over $395, and 20 percent off orders over $525.

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There are never enough cooling racks during the holiday baking blitz — until now. This three-tiered design will be your favorite baker's best friend. It's got enough room for that triple batch of gingerbread they're whipping up, without taking up any extra counter space.

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This simple standby is ideal for rolling out pie dough into a crust with just the right thickness. (The slightly textured surface holds a dusting of flour well, so it won’t stick to the dough.) It’s also a great tool to use to crush graham crackers or cookies — and get out some aggression while making dessert. Just saying!

Baking Ingredients

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Williams Sonoma

New York City’s Flour Shop is known for its whimsical, fun confections, and this kit can help the adventurous baker in your life try their hand at an Insta-popular sprinkle explosion cake. Packaged in a cute paint can, this kit includes cake mix, food coloring, frosting mix, and all the sprinkles required to recreate the viral, colorful dessert.

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Uncommon Goods

Surprise the baker who seemingly has everything with this set of specialty salts. With exciting flavors such as orange, ginger, rose peppercorn, and hibiscus, they'll add extra oomph to any recipe.

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There’s a lot to love about this gift box, which contains a duo of charming jars packed with ingredients for two delicious fan-favorite cookie recipes from Kerber's Farm in Huntington, NY. Each includes everything your recipient needs to whip up a batch without the hassle of a recipe — well, almost — except for the eggs and butter. Gift this box solo, or bundle it with a cute apron and spatula for a present any at-home baker would love.

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Williams Sonoma

True bakers know that a good vanilla extract can make all the difference in their creations. Nielsen-Massey makes some of the best, so gifting this threesome of vanillas from different regions will allow the baker in your life to find the one that’s just right for whatever they plan to whip up.

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Sprinkles are one food that's actually gotten better since your childhood. That's because this vegan-friendly dessert topping is made with only a few simple ingredients and no artificial dyes. Plus, these have fun dinosaur shapes!

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Williams Sonoma

For anyone who doesn't venture beyond plain ol' sea salt, this well-rounded set is an eye-opening introduction to the wide world of salt. And, for experienced tasters, it's a wonderful trip around that same flavorful world. Enjoy the Himalayas, Hawaii, or Trapani, Italy (without leaving your kitchen).


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Uncommon Goods

There's nothing better than fresh-baked bread, and this cute tea towel offers delicious inspiration from Morocco to Brazil. With detailed illustrations of specialties such as Georgian khachapuri and Indian paratha, it looks almost good enough to eat.

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Hedley & Bennett

The go-to apron of pros across the country, this comfy cover-up would be a welcome addition to any home kitchen. Made from cotton canvas, this apron is durable and functional (check out the oversized pockets). And, if you want to make it extra special, add a monogram (the first 10 letters or numbers are free).

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Some bakers like to put as much attention into the way they present and serve an item as they do into making it. If you know one of those people, this is the gift for them. Hand-blown by an artisan in Poland, this pastel cake stand is sure to make any treat stand out.

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was $35.00

This book has a little something for everyone. It covers all the basics for beginners while still providing plenty of challenges and creative ideas for pie-making pros. The author’s fans have flooded social media with #sturdypiechallenge shots, in which they lift an entire pie neatly out of the pan it was baked in — without it crumbling to pieces. Yeah, the crust is that sturdy (and delicious).

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was $22.99

Food is more than just sustenance, and that belief rings true on every page of this cookbook, along with a little #blackgirlmagic. With recipes for Peaches and Cream Cake, Pepper Jelly Thumbprint Cornmeal Cookies, Plum Chai Pie, and more, this is sure to become a dogeared addition to any cookbook library.

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was $27.50

One hundred cookies. Yes, please! With recipes for bars, brownies, cookies, and more, this book was made for someone with a sweet tooth. Of course, it has a little something for everyone, thanks to a mix of flavors including chocolate chip, sesame, and more.