Here Are 11 Bakers You Need to Know for 2022 and Beyond

published Dec 27, 2021
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Woman in white tiled kitchen baking. Cracked brown eggs and bowl on wood cutting board. Another glass bowl nearby
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This was a big year for baking. For many people 2021 saw a continuation of their baking projects from the previous year, and for others it was a year of hobby discovery that produced pure joy. It was a good year for baking content, too, with cookbook sales up, more shows being released, TikTok videos dominating timelines, and more Instagram recipe tutorials than anyone has time to watch.

Although there are probably plenty of old-school family recipes that you still have tucked away to try, if Instagram is where you get some of your baking content (or just want to brighten up your timeline), these bakers will delight you with beautiful baked goods, provide you with fun tips, and serve up loads of personality. Here are 11 bakers you should follow on Instagram to get some baking inspiration for 2022 and beyond.

1. Michelle Lopez (@hummingbirdhigh)

The baker, blogger, and photographer behind Hummingbird High, Michelle Lopez has a talent for both simple-yet-incredible-looking desserts and eye-catching photography. While she whips up all sorts of baked goods, her cookies — like gingerbread crinkle cookies and pumpkin Neapolitan cookies — are real standouts. @hummingbirdhigh is a bright and sunny account that’s a welcome addition to anyone’s feed.

Credit: Hector Velez

2. Paola Velez (@smallorchids)

Pastry Chef Paola Velez not only makes delicious-looking treats like macarons, funnel cake, and empanadas, but she’s also funny to boot. Her posts will make you laugh hysterically and inspire you in equal measure, making @smallorchids a must-follow. She also co-founded @bakersagainstracism, an awesome initiative that has raised over $2 million so far through bake sales around the world.

3. Jocelyn Delk Adams (@grandbabycakes)

If joy could be encapsulated in one person, it would be Jocelyn Delk Adams. The hard-working blogger does it all: appearing on TV and writing books, in addition to regularly posting recipes. Her photos are always gorgeous, her desserts look perfect, and she has an adorable daughter that we just can’t get enough of. In addition to being a feast for the eyes, @grandbabycakes‘ recipes are dependable and flavorful and will suit plenty of taste buds.

4. Tara O’Brady (@taraobrady)

If you’re looking for nostalgic and creative bakes, look no further than Tara O’Brady. The Canadian cookbook author and baker displays a true love of food on her Instagram, @taraobrady. While you’ll spot a few savory, non-baked dishes on her feed, it’s dominated by perfect-looking chocolate chip cookies, sticky buns, bars, and fritters.

5. Jonathan Melendez (@jonjon33)

Jonathan Melendez is always sharing fun ideas, but the blogger and baker has been on fire lately. Between incredible holiday mash-ups like chocolate babka cookies, Everything Bagel shortbread cookie sandwiches, and pecan sticky bun cookies, you’ll constantly be drooling at you phone screen. @jonjon33 regularly throws in some savory, non-baked items for good measure, but the real stars are the sweets.

6. Sarah Crawford (@bromabakery)

If you’re not following @bromabakery, then you might want to change that right now. The blogger, photographer, and prolific baker has been posting picture-perfect desserts for years, but her feed just gets better and better. Sarah Crawford is sure to have you itching to bake with her impeccably styled sweets, and you can find all of her recipes on her equally lovely blog.

7. Helen Goh (@helen_goh_bakes)

As co-author of Sweet and all-around accomplished recipe developer, Helen Goh has the chops to back up her delightful bakes. @helen_goh_bakes shares a mix of recipes from her writing projects and, even better, provides lots of helpful tips in the captions. You’re sure to learn a thing to two and enjoy some baking inspiration along the way.

8. Adrianna Guevara Adarme (@acozykitchen)

Cookbook author and blogger Adrianna Guevara Adarme not only has the cutest corgi ever, but she also shares some good-looking desserts and fun videos, too. If cranberry loaf cake, pumpkin coffee cake, or garlic twist rolls sound good to you, then give @acozykitchen a follow and check out her cookbooks, too.

9. Jesse Szewczyk (@jesseszewczyk)

It’s no secret that we’re a big fan of Jesse Szewczyk at The Kitchn. The baker and food stylist’s Instagram feed is incredibly colorful and all-around tantalizing. Be forewarned: It will have you reaching for the nearest sweet. Jesse’s recent cookbook, Cookies: The New Classics has popped up on a lot of best-of lists this year, so you’ll see plenty of tasty cookies featured in his recent posts.

Credit: Leela Cyd

10. Joy Wilson (@joythebaker)

If you’re familiar with the social media baking scene, chances are you already follow

Joy Wilson

@joythebaker is a great account to add to your list of top bakers to follow. The incredibly busy New Orleans-based baker has done it all: cookbooks, magazines, classes, products, and a blog. She has a shiny personality and fun recipes that are sure to get you in the kitchen.

11. Sarah Kieffer (@sarah_kieffer)

Have you heard of pan-banging chocolate chip cookies? The ones with all of the gorgeous ripples around the edges? You can thank @sarah_kieffer for that culinary wonder, which has been imitated by many (even Ina Garten!). The Minneapolis-based baker and cookbook author has written for countless publications and has a fun, festive style that is sure to mix up your feed.