Best Bake Sale Secrets & LOST Smoke Monster Popcorn This Time Last Year

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Can you believe it’s been a year since we bid farewell to LOST? Make a batch of this smoky popcorn to celebrate the anniversary. Also from this time last year, a dramatic blue kitchen, how to throw a successful bake sale, and a look at grain mills.

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Chocolate and cupcakes are your tickets to a bake sale win.

• A debate about the merits of sending dinner party reminders.

Mark Bittman’s advice for cooking perfect udon noodles, every time.

• If the weather stays chilly, this hundred-layer lasagna might just be in our future.

Have any leftover preserves from last summer still in your cupboard? Here are some ideas for using them up before the next batch comes in.

What’s a donkey doing in this kitchen?

• Some help for bakers whose bread falls apart in the middle.

LOST fan or not, this smoky and citrusy Smoke Monster Popcorn is a hit.

Can you believe this modern loft kitchen is in a former lightbulb factory?!

• If do a lot of cooking with whole grains, consider investing in a a grain mill.

• This baked risotto with aspargus as springtime written all over it.

This little pot of lemon thyme was one of the best and most versatile herbs in our herb garden last year.

• Inspiration from IKEA for innovative shelving in the kitchen.

• Soaking onions in water to reduce tears? It’s worth a try!

Even the radiator is blue in this kitchen!