Bad Beef Update: Was the USDA Recall a BIG SHAM?

Bad Beef Update: Was the USDA Recall a BIG SHAM?

Faith Durand
Feb 19, 2008

So. We were reading one of our favorite food blogs, Tigers & Strawberries, where Barbara always has pointed and educated things to say on current food news.

Regarding last weekend's massive recall of 143 million pounds of ground beef, most of which was already sold to schools, Barbara pointed out that the USDA actually has no legal authority to order a recall of meat.


Indeed. It turns out that the USDA can only ask companies to voluntarily recall food that is suspected be unsafe. We quote from Barbara:

The USDA, even though it is in part a regulatory agency charged with overseeing the safety of the US food supply, does not have the legal authority to order recalls of diseased, tainted or otherwise unsafe food products.

The best that the USDA can do is ask food producers to voluntarily remove unsafe products from the human food chain, hopefully before too many people get sick and die.

Interesting, isn't it? We suggest you read the entire article at Barbara's blog - as always she is very worth reading. She goes deeper into the issues surrounding entire system of feedlots and treating animals as commodities.

We did a little extra digging and discovered that the USDA argues that its voluntary recall authority is enough. They say their system works. According to this OSU Extension Factsheet, the government can indeed order an involuntary recall if a corporation refuses to respond to an invited recall. To this date, no company ever has refused a voluntary recall.

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