Barbara Costello’s Ingenious Hack Makes Reusing Bacon Grease Easier than Ever

published Apr 17, 2023
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Plate with strips of bacon, a fried egg, and a piece of toast with melting pat of butter
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Bacon is easy to eat in any and every way. One of the best parts about making bacon on the stove or in the oven is that you’re left with perfectly reusable bacon grease.

If you make pork bacon at home frequently, then you should definitely preserve it for future use — just be sure to do it the proper way. Luckily TikTok influencer Babs Costello — also known as @brunchwithbabs — has all of the helpful tips and tricks for conveniently portioning and reusing bacon grease.

Freeze Bacon Grease in an Empty Egg Carton for Easy Portioning

As seen in the video, Costello says you should always try and keep some of your leftover bacon grease. The perfect vessel? An empty egg carton. If you have a carton of eggs that’s nearly empty or if you prefer to transfer your eggs to reusable containers, remember to save the carton! 

The first important step is to let the bacon grease cool, or else it will burn right through the bottom of the carton. Once your bacon grease has cooled, use a measuring cup with a spout to carefully pour the grease into each of the compartments of the egg carton, filling them about halfway. Add the carton to the freezer and freeze until solid.

Lastly, remove the carton from the freezer and then remove the frozen squares of bacon grease and transfer them to a small, freezer-safe plastic bag. This way, when you go to sauté vegetables, pan-fry chicken, or fry up an egg like Babs, you have the perfect portion of grease ready to use straight from the freezer.