BaconCamp Is Coming!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Watch out, bacon lovers. Bacon Camp may be coming to a city near you. And what is Bacon Camp? It’s a whole day of sharing and learning about bacon, inspired by the community-driven learning event known as BarCamp. If you just love bacon or want to show off your bacon in recipes, artwork, song, or demonstration, then look for the BaconCamps about happen in Seattle, Miami, Washington D.C., Columbus, and a few other cities.

While we love bacon dearly, we’re not entirely sure we want to spend a whole day talking about it. But we have to admit that it would be a pretty great way to meet some other food-obsessives in town, and hey — free bacon!

Do you love bacon enough to attend BaconCamp? If you want to find out more, or set up a BaconCamp of your own, then check out the official website:

• See photos of previous BaconCamps: Masterbacon in Portland, OR (the original), and San Francisco

PS – You can get the recipe for the “Bacones” shown above here:

The Bacone at Bac’N

(Images: BaconCamp; Flickr member licensed for use under Creative Commons; Flickr member kveton licensed for use under Creative Commons)