4 Things to Get Rid of in Your Backyard, According to Real Estate Experts

published Jun 13, 2022
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The importance of creating a welcoming environment in your backyard cannot be understated. In fact, for some, the backyard of a home is even more important than the front. One real estate agent I spoke to went as far as to say that the front yard is for the neighbors, while the backyard is for you and your buyers. 

“The backyard is often the private refuge for homeowners, and envisioning a wonderful environment for buyers to both relax as well as entertain is paramount,” says Bryce Fuller, broker with Baird & Warner in Northbrook, Illinois. Here’s what Fuller and another real estate agent have to say about what you should toss to make your backyard the highlight of your home. 

Get rid of your trash.

It may seem obvious, but Fuller says the first step is to scan the space for debris, papers, old toys, and more. “You will want to keep the yard as clean as possible,” he says. This goes double for old broken stuff that you’re storing back there in the hope that someday you’ll have a little extra time to fix. Spoiler alert: you won’t. 

Credit: Shelly Westerhausen

Clean out your BBQ area.

Because of its location (outdoors!) it can be easy to forget that your BBQ area is a place where you prep and cook food. While you won’t be able to achieve the same cleanliness standards as you would inside, tidying up the space and throwing away anything that doesn’t need to be stored in the area is a must. 

Fuller says you should make sure that all of the utensils and the spaces around the grill are clean. They should be free from extra propane tanks, unneeded cooking devices, and accessories. “This clutter can create a nightmare for you and potentially chase off any potential buyers,” he adds. I guess you could say that your BBQ clutter could cook up some real issues. 

Toss your old wicker furniture.

Older furniture that’s functional may serve a purpose, but Chris Dreyfuss, a Realtor associate with Brown Harris Stevens Miami, says anything that’s worn should go out with the trash.

“It’s amazing how many luxury homes you can visit and everything looks great, until you go outside,” he says, noting that wicker furniture is especially guilty of bringing down the backyard vibe. Replace your tattered old wicker with a more modern wood or metal set. 

Say goodbye to your tchotchkes. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but Dreyfuss says all those fun statues, hilarious signs, or other garage sale finds are a bigger burden than a benefit when it comes to backyard spaces. “Sometimes you will see multiple statues, signs, metal artwork and it all creates a disjointed feel,” he says. His view: less is more when it comes to outdoor decor

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