Backyard Gardening: First Radish From the Garden

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just before I left on a long trip to the Northwest (cross your fingers for the continued health of my garden for me, please…) I pulled up my first garden radish. It was a tiny, late-planted little guy, with a long skinny root and a plucky green top. As modest as this first harvest was, it was a thrill to see it and remember that after all the watering, composting, weeding, lugging of mulch and tying of stems, things are growing down there.

Yes, my one baby radish (Shunkyo Semi-Long) was plucked a little prematurely from the ground, but it was a treat to see its tender radish root and eat the precociously spicy greens. And it’s a good encouragement that, even though I didn’t get any spring crops planted, the summer and fall crops will yield quite a bounty.

What about you? Are you snipping peas and pulling carrots out of your garden? What’s growing right now?

(Image: Faith Durand)