Backsplash Idea for Rental Kitchens: Removable Fabric

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When you’re renting and you want to jazz up your kitchen, the options are often pretty limited. No paint, no appliance switcheroo, no new materials like tile, countertops, flooring. That’s why we jumped at this nifty temporary backsplash idea:

Over at Remodelaholic, there’s a tutorial on putting up a DIY fabric backsplash with starch. When it’s time to move (or when you tire of it or it becomes worn or damaged), you simply remove it by saturating the fabric with water and – voila – the landlord-white walls are good as new.

While fabric doesn’t quite seem the answer for a forever kitchen, it might be just what’s needed to spice up the kitchen for now. See the full tutorial here.

(Images: Remodelaholic)