Backsplash Before & After: A Drab Rental Kitchen Gets a Little Style

updated May 2, 2019
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Tux knows a thing or two about the frustrations of rental kitchens. His Brooklyn kitchen has a litany of them: “The floors are a pinky orange 90s faux terra cotta, the countertops are a horrible faux granite laminate in a weird speckled yellowy beige color… and the cabinets… are… I can’t even say it… honey oak! The horror!” he writes on his blog Brooklyn Homemaker.

As a renter, he’s stuck with all those things, but he realized he could do something with the backsplash. But what? “I thought about a patterned paint treatment using stencils or something to look like wallpaper, but it just didn’t seem right,” he writes. “Then, finally it came to me!” See what his backsplash looks like now!

Yes, that’s chalkboard paint! As someone who painted the lower half of my rental kitchen walls black, I think black paint distracts from a multitude of sins. And Tux agrees! He writes:

I think it looks amazing and I could not be happier with the results. I was nervous that I wouldn’t like it, but as soon as I had everything back in place I felt happier with the look of the kitchen, and once I started cooking in there I felt like my food looked more attractive against the darker color. This was not a difficult project at all and I think the end product is better than I imagined!

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Thanks for sharing, Tux!