I Killed Every Plant I Touched Until I Found This Super-Easy Windowsill Chili Pepper Kit

published Jul 28, 2023
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Credit: Kelli Foster

Taking care of plants has never really been my specialty, but I’ve always admired my green-thumbed friends who seem to always have window boxes full of perpetually blooming flowers and lush leaves. And, though I’ve managed to kill every plant I’ve ever tried to grow (even a cactus) I also love watching gardening content on YouTube, whether it’s a how-to video on simple raised planters or an in-depth look into creating an off-grid subsistence farm for you and your family. (Hey, you never know!) I know that one day, I’ll have a sweet garden, but for now, I’m a little limited in my botanical aspirations since I live in a tiny New York City apartment. However, as I’ve recently come to learn, just because you don’t live on a one-hundred-acre compound in an area with nutrient-rich soil doesn’t mean you can’t garden — it just means you have to get creative. That’s why I was so excited to find the Back to the Roots Chili Planter kit

What Is the Back to the Roots Chili Planter Kit?

This 100-percent organic and non-GMO chili pepper kit is a foolproof solution for folks looking to bring some plant life into their homes. The USA-made kit lets you grow peppers year round, without chemicals,  transplanting, or messy drainage holes. This all-in-one solution comes with a custom soil blend, seeds, and fertilizer spikes that provide all the nutrients your plant needs. Plus, the whole thing comes in a self-contained mason jar, ready to go right out of the box. Oh, and when I said foolproof, I meant it — these are 100-percent “guaranteed to grow,” and if for some reason they don’t, Back To The Roots will send you a replacement. It also makes the perfect gift for anyone looking for a low-stress, easy plant.

Credit: Ian Burke

Why I Love the Back to the Roots Chili Planter Kit

First off, the Back to the Roots Chili Planter Kit is super compact — I don’t have the biggest window sills, so I wasn’t really looking for a massive planter, and this mason jar fits perfectly. I also love that it’s an all-in-one kit, and the only thing you need to add is water. The instructions were easy to follow, and having a little plant life in my living room has been such a treat. I can’t put my finger on it, but the pop of green that this bad boy brings brightens up my day. It’s also pretty affordable, considering everything you need is included. But the best part? You get to eat the peppers! Is it a mighty harvest? Not really — don’t expect to feed your family with this kit — but you do get a fair amount of peppers (I’ve got 11 so far) and it’s still a huge treat to eat vegetables that I grew from a seed. The whole thing took about two months, and I’m still in the midst of harvesting, so you or the person you give this to will have many weeks of growth to look forward to. Plus, the peppers taste great! (However, they’re not too spicy.) And listen: If I can grow these, anyone can. 

Credit: Ian Burke

I’m also not the only one who digs the kit. “It’s so simple to set up, the instructions are very concise and [it] seems pretty foolproof,” writes one reviewer. “It even tells you exactly how much water to use, which helps me immensely being that I have a tendency to either drown plants or starve them. The soil is very nice and loamy. You can tell that it is truly organically produced, but with some of those white fertilizer beads added in of course.” So, if you’re looking to start your gardening adventure but want a sure bet, snag the Back to the Roots Chili Planter Kit straight away.

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