A Hospital Dressed Up Newborn Babies to Look Like Pickles and It’s Pretty Freaking Adorable

updated Jul 26, 2019
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Credit: From left to right: FamVeld/ Shutterstock; Nalaphotos/ Shutterstock

Listen, I used up all of my pickle puns earlier this month discussing pickle pizza, so I’m afraid we’re really down to the bottom of the barrel here, but still, I think you need to know about these cute babies that have found themselves in quite the pickle. Literally — the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Magee Women’s Hospital dressed up the newborns in its care like little gherkins, reports Today. That’s because this weekend happens to be Picklesburgh, a local festival that’s a really big dill (sorry, I’m trying to stop).

“Special Dill-ivery,” announced the onesies each of the four babies wore, but the best part was the handknit pickle suits each one had on. A nurse on the ward had made them, complete with little bumps all over and matching caps.

“Pickled to be here,” a banner read over the department, though to be honest, in the video the hospital shared on Facebook, none seemed to relish the opportunity (I’m sorry, I’m still trying to stop). You could even say that maybe the babies were half-sour in their debut video? I’m guessing it’s because they didn’t actually get to eat any pickles, they just got to look good enough to eat.

“During the hospital’s first pickle-baby unveiling announcement,” the article reports, “a city spokesman described the Picklesburgh festival as ‘built for every pregnant woman’s craving’ and predicted that the babies may just be future mayors of Picklesburgh.” Picklesburgh, it turns out, is a fitting festival for the hometown of the Kraft Heinz corporation, and offers a pickle-juice drinking contest, plenty of pickled foods, and a Lil Gherkins Activity Area.

But the little gherkins in the hospital probably have a few more years before they’re old enough to play there. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here trying to figure out if I could get my toddlers into matching pickle suits for a photoshoot.