I Tried the Avocado Slicing Hack Going Wild on Social Media and I’m Not So Sure About It

published Oct 4, 2022
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Avocado Slicing Hack
Credit: Aly Walansky

I eat a lot of avocados. Between avocado toast for brunch or adding them to salads or poke bowls at lunchtime, it’s fair to say I eat avocados nearly every day.  Unfortunately though, I can’t claim I’m always super efficient with slicing and prepping them.

When it comes to slicing my avocados, I’ve always been fairly straightforward. I slice around the outside, open it up, and pop out the avocado. Sometimes, the result will produce a cleaner finish than other times, but it’s not a rarity to discover some avocado peel still stuck on that glorious ripe avocado in my salad bowl after the peeling is done. Clearly, there has to be a better way to get the right result, right?

Though there are plenty of avocado tools you can use to get a nearly perfect peeling result, when I came across Kale Junkie’s simple hack for slicing an avocado, I was intrigued.

Try the Method: Avocado Slicing Hack

Credit: Aly Walansky

The Avocado Slicing Hack

The demonstration of the hack seems simple enough: You start by carefully slicing the avocado lengthwise and then flip it around and cut it again. Then, it is supposed to simply twist off into four neat pieces. It’s easy to peel at that point, and is perfect for portioning. 

My Take on the Avocado Slicing Hack

Well, I tried it. It was easy to slice lengthwise and then around. And it did break off into two nice pieces on one side. But the other end, where the pit was, did not disengage quite as neatly or evenly as the video suggests. It’s absolutely a way to slice an avocado and get it into pieces, but is it the best way? Maybe not. Still working on that. 

Credit: Aly Walansky

This was an avocado that had been in my fridge for a few days, so it’s possible it wasn’t at its optimum firmness for this sort of slicing. I might give it another go, but for now, I’m still looking for the hack that actually saves time and streamlines my avocado habit. It is the holiday entertaining season after all, so I have lots of guacamole to be making!

Try the Method: Avocado Slicing Hack