The Ingenious $14 Amazon Find That’ll Extend the Life of Avocados

published Jun 27, 2022
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Avocado in storage device.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I think we all can agree when I say that avocados are a hot commodity. Creamy, versatile, and the foundation for guacamole, these special fruits are a non-negotiable, albeit often pricey, staple in many kitchens. There’s no better addition to a weeknight dinner, summer potluck plate, or quick morning breakfast. But, there is one undeniable caveat when it comes to this covetable kitchen staple: They go bad, and fast. Ever scoop part of an avocado on your WFH lunch, store the other half in the fridge, then come back the next day to find that gorgeous green flesh coated in a layer of brown? You’re not alone.

In fact, there are tons of solutions out there for keeping this precious fruit fresh, some of which you might’ve even tried yourself. But there’s one particular brand that’s totally changed the game when it comes to preserving your halved avocados. Food Huggers makes an ingenious accessory called the Avocado Hugger, which is here to make your avocados last longer.

With over 1,700 five-star reviews, these Avocado Huggers are constructed from a single piece of rip-resistant, BPA-free silicone, so you don’t have to worry about losing a part or having a hard time storing a clunky plastic gadget. The patented “hug” design creates an air-tight seal around any size avocado, which keeps it fresher longer. This little helper comes in two sizes because no avocado, extra large Choquette or mini Hass, should have to suffer from browning.

The design clearly works, protecting the precious and delicious produce from browning — or the inevitable funky taste after it’s been in the fridge. This self-proclaimed avocado-lover was skeptical at first: “At best I was hoping to maybe buy my avocado half about 24 hours in the refrigerator, and even then I still expected to have the taste already be a bit off,” can you blame them when that’s the avocado-storing norm? “I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I peel this thing off the avocado half the next day, and it’s still perfectly tasty.” Now that’s pretty legendary, right avo lovers?

The avocado-shaped silicone is meant to be used with both pit-in and pitless halves alike. And while “the silicone is thick and durable,”one customer astutely pointed out, “the silicone on the seed part is a thinner silicone which is awesome because it makes it more flexible to different shapes seeds and can be concaved for seedless halves.” Pit in or pit out, when you’ve finished up enjoying the remaining scrumptious, vitamin-rich half, just pop the Hugger in the dishwasher for a no-brainer clean up. Easy!

Tons of reviewers praised the product for eliminating the need for plastic wrap, preserving their banks accounts and avocado halves at the same time. One reviewer reminded us of another crucial benefit these Huggers offer: “Important to note as well — not only are you saving money from over-use of plastic wrap, the food hugger product is also an environmental safe-guard from adding more unnecessary plastic into landfill. I feel better about using the food hugger product as a ‘green’ practice.” After all, we’ve gotta reduce, reuse, and recycle if we want avocados for centuries to come right?

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