Taylor Nulk

The Right Color for Your Le Creuset Dutch Oven, Based on Your Zodiac Sign
When it comes to consulting your zodiac, it’s usually for guidance in larger life decisions. Am I in the right career? Will my relationship last? Whether you look to the stars for serious advice or take it all with a grain of salt, having a resource for some sort of direction is always comforting. Well, did you know that your zodiac sign can also help you pick the perfect color for your Le Creuset Dutch oven?
May 24, 2019
Urban Outfitters’ Home Decor Is Coming to a Store Near You
Until recently, buying home goods in person at Urban Outfitters has mostly been limited to small accessories like our favorite 10 grown-up kitchen goodies and a narrow selection of textiles like a throw pillow or two. Maybe a chair here and there. Luckily, Urban is changing the game, as the brand unveils what’s being called UO Home.
May 1, 2019
An Inside Look at the New HomeSense Store — Opening Today!
Ever since HomeGoods’ parent company, TJX, announced that HomeSense — a spinoff chain of stores with even bigger and better home displays — was finally coming to the U.S., I’ve had my eyes peeled for any news on the store I could get. The first one opened earlier this summer in Framingham, Massachusetts, which is close, but not close enough for me to zip over to after work. The second store in East Hanover, New Jersey, on the other hand. Well, I can. And I did!
May 1, 2019