Taté Walker

Taté Walker (they/them) is a Lakota citizen of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. They are a Two Spirit feminist, Indigenous rights activist, and a published and award-winning storyteller for outlets like "The Nation," "Everyday Feminism," "Native Peoples" magazine, and "Indian Country Today," and "ANMLY." They are also featured in several anthologies, including FIERCE: Essays by and about Dauntless Women, South Dakota in Poems, and W.W. Norton's Everyone's an Author. Their first full-length poetry book, The Trickster Riots, is set to publish in 2022. Taté uses their 15+ years of experience working for daily newspapers, social justice organizations, and tribal education systems to organize students and professionals around issues of critical cultural competency, anti-racism/anti-bias, and inclusive community building.
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