Tariq Nasir

Tariq Nasir is an Arab American chef, cookbook author, and founder of ChefTariq.com. A serial food entrepreneur, Tariq strives to empower home cooks to bring Middle Eastern cuisine to their table. Growing up as a refugee Tariq developed a passion for bringing people of different stripes together, and has found that the dinner table is the perfect place to break down stereotypes, and build community. With a Palestinian father, and American mother Tariq grew up in the Middle East and US, eating both burgers and mahshi (stuffed vegetables). Today Tariq lives in the UK with his wife, two dogs and a cat.
I Tried Every Jar of Tahini I Could Find — These Are the 3 I’ll Buy Again
Taste Test
As a chef who specializes in Middle Eastern cooking, I've spent a good deal of time tasting different brands of tahini to find the right one for my kitchen.
Aug 18, 2022