Tara Spiteri

Gordon Ramsay Wants to Teach You How to Cook, Minus the Yelling
Want an expert to teach you some cooking skills but don’t want to spend your entire life savings? Everyone’s favorite angry celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, has teamed up with San Francisco-based startup Masterclass to create an instructional video series that is meant to improve your cooking skills. With 15 episodes and over four hours of content, students will learn a number of expert-level cooking techniques that Chef Ramsay has perfected over his 30-plus-year career.
May 24, 2019
Bee-LT Sandwich, Anyone? Why We Could Be Eating Bee Larvae by 2050
With Earth’s population set to reach nine billion by 2050, scientists and experts have been searching for alternative food sources to feed our growing population. Honey bee brood — or the larvae and pupae of drone bees — could be one of the world’s next great sustainable food sources, according to an essay published by the Journal of Apicultural Research.
Dec 1, 2016
Drunk History’s Retelling of Julia Child’s Life Story Is Too Funny
Who knew that shark repellent and creamed corn played essential parts in the life story of Julia Child? Comedy Central’s Drunk History has tackled the life and times of the beloved culinary icon in their latest and aptly titled episode, “Food.” Although Julia might not appear exactly how you remember her from The French Chef, we can all rest assured knowing that there’s still plenty of wine involved.
Dec 1, 2016