Stephanie Ganz

Once a professional chef (in the lifetime before kids), Stephanie Ganz has written for Bon Appetit, Eater, BUST, and Virginia Living and is a regular contributor to Richmond Magazine. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, two girls, and one excellent cat. Follow her online: @salganz (Instagram) and @onioncloute (Twitter).
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What Is Cognac? All About the Beloved French Brandy
Victor Hugo, famous French writer and the author of Les Miserables, described Cognac as the liquor of the gods. This sentiment might explain why Cognac, the beloved amber spirit, has been produced for centuries. Just like wine, Cognac is a staple in France and has a rich history.
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The Secret to Incredible Leftover Pizza? Your Air Fryer.
Tips & Techniques
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Why I Eat Way More Broccoli During the Summer
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The $4 Flavor Booster I Add to Absolutely Everything During Summer
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These $10 Ice Cream Sandwiches Are the Cool Treats I Wish I Had When I Was a Kid
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My Family Has Spent the Last 5 Months with Solo Stove’s Pizza Oven — It’s Been a Delicious Investment
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What’s the Difference Between Labneh and Greek Yogurt?
The two ingredients look quite similar, but they have subtle differences that are important when cooking with them.
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I Tried This Hands-Off Method for Making Polenta and It Worked Like an Absolute Charm
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Your Potato Salad Is Likely Missing a Spoonful of This Secret Ingredient
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Can You Freeze Hummus? Yes, Here's How
We always have a container of hummus in the fridge, and our hummus works hard for us. My kids pack hummus in their lunches with pita chips; my husband relies on it for a midday nibble with carrot sticks, and I love to snack on hummus and pita while I’m cooking dinner.Yes, you can freeze hummus quickly and easily! Hummus holds up well when frozen for about four to six months.
Apr 12, 2023
Birria Grilled Cheese Is My Family’s Favorite Dippable Sandwich
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This Coconut Curry Is What I Make When I Need to Get Dinner on the Table
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6 Groceries You Should Stock in Your Pantry for a Tastier Passover
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If You Buy One Thing at Trader Joe’s This Spring, Make Sure It’s This Adorable $
Nothing says spring like these smart, popular bunny planters. Get them while you can!
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The Best Matzo Is the One You Make at Home
An easy, five-step recipe for homemade matzo.
Mar 28, 2023
What’s the Difference Between Pastrami and Corned Beef?
Here’s everything you should know about these unique cured meats.
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Fluffy Matzo Meal Pancakes Are a Cloud-Like Breakfast Treat
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