Sarah Spigelman Richter

Sarah Spigelman Richter is a NYC-based food writer who has written for Mashable and Refinery 29, among others. She loves chili cheese Fritos.
Help! How Do I Stop Letting My Toddler Dictate My Self Esteem Through Food?
“What did you make for dinner?” “Whole-wheat spaghetti with chicken meatballs and Parm.” “Did he eat?” “Yeah, three bites of frozen waffle and one strawberry. How about yours?” “Gagged her way through one yogurt pouch then threw the homemade mac and cheese on the floor.” The above is a typical text conversation between any number of friends and me. We all try our best to get our toddlers to eat.
Jul 14, 2018
How I’m Trying to Avoid Passing on My Food Issues to My Kids
I have issues with food. And to a degree, I think it’s impossible to avoid some issues with food, whether that means not stopping when full, feeling guilty about overindulging, or emotionally eating or restricting. What I hope is possible is not passing down my personal issues to my kids. Feeding kids is already tricky enough. Add to that the idea that you could maybe hurt them psychologically and it’s enough to make a mom like me lose sight of logic all together.
Mar 24, 2018
The Worst TV Shows to Watch While Eating Dinner
Choosing the perfect meal to line up with your perfect night of television isn’t just another thing to do, it’s a delight. Is there anything better than a juicy patty melt while watching Bob’s Burgers, or the garlickiest bowl of aglio e oli0 while enjoying Goodfellas? It’s the best. However, there are some television shows which defy the laws of nature. They are simply un-pairable with any food or wine — the artichokes of the entertainment world.
Feb 9, 2018
The Most Obnoxious Things a Parent Can Do on Social Media
My mom marvels at how amazing social media is. She says how wonderful it is that I can connect with parents who have kids the same age as mine, that I can ask questions and get answers in real time, and that I’ve even gotten jobs all based off social networking sites that weren’t even imagined in Back to the Future. She doesn’t know the full story. The seemingly perfect “mom bods” 7.5 seconds after giving birth. The humongous homes with 14 bathrooms.
Feb 7, 2018
12 Real Moms and Dads Share Tips to Make Dinner More Fun
Dinnertime is usually an elegant, relaxing affair at my home. Candlelight, real china dishes, several courses of fine French fare, and stimulating, joyous conversation from the whole family. Oh wait, no — that was a scene from a Merchant Ivory film. Dinner at my toddler-run household can involve anything from sweet potato gnocchi and frozen chicken nuggets to pointing out different objects and naming them to tears and crying and The Little Mermaid on TV.
Feb 6, 2018
5 Easy Ways You Can Save Now to Splurge at the Dinner Table Later
When I was in my mid-20s, I was sure 10 years down the road that I’d be firmly ensconced in my chosen career as an actress, probably living in some magnificent estate in Connecticut, and starting to think about settling down. Fast forward to my life as a journalist, living in an apartment in Manhattan — life isn’t always the way you think it will be. I gained Central Park and gave up the idea of a backyard. I lost my independence and gained my little son.
Jan 26, 2018
5 Ways You Can Help Parents of Kids with Allergies
After speaking with parents of kids with severe allergies, I realize there are steps I can take to be a better ally and friend.
Dec 29, 2017
My Number-One Tool When Dining Out with Toddlers
My little boy isn’t what you might call a dainty eater. He smears spaghetti sauce in his hair. He grabs hunks of sausage and mashes them on his face until his eyebrows are painted with grease and flecks of fennel. He’s never met a spoon he likes as well as his fingers, and he’s never met a fork at all — something about the way he wields a breadstick makes me sure he would see the fork as an ideal weapon.
Dec 26, 2017
How I’m Making Hanukkah Special for My Kids This Year
Kids ruin everything. Really (not really, but you see where this is going). You can’t enjoy a great night out without worrying about a hangover the next day. Every trip you plan, you think out worst-case scenarios, pack a great quantity of medicine, and invariably freak out when the airline messes up your seats and places you far away from your toddler. They especially ruin lazy holidays.
Dec 14, 2017
The Most Ooey, Gooey Cheese Pulls You Can Find on Instagram
Instagram is home to many a food sensation. There’s #putaneggonit, and #eeeeeats, and of course #meatsweats, among other popular hashtags that let food lovers rejoice in photographs and videos of mouth-watering dishes. One of my favorite hashtags, #cheesepull, has over 11,000 images. Get on the dairy appreciation train and take a look at some of the most stretchy, gooey, melty displays of cheese on the ‘gram that we could find. Chicago Pizza is a hotly debated food.
Nov 10, 2017
The Worst Potluck Horror Stories of All Time
The potluck is a time-honored tradition that makes most of us pull out our slow cookers, dust off our festive-themed holiday serving dishes, and indulge in way (way) too many cookies. However, it’s also a time when the best of intentions go awry. From raw chicken to accidental babysitters, here are some of the most cringeworthy potluck experiences ever. Rose B.
Nov 9, 2017
10 Busy Parents Share How They Make Coffee in the Morning
There are very few things parents can agree on. Everything from when to feed solid foods to what kind of preschool is best for developing minds is up for debate, questioning, and, yes, judgement. However, there is one ritual that is sacred and that no parent dares shame another for: that morning cup of coffee.
Oct 17, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Pumpkin Recipe on Pinterest
Have you tried this?
Oct 8, 2017
8 Breakfast Recipes Every College Kid Should Know
Because Pop-Tarts don't always cut it.
Sep 26, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Salmon Recipe on Pinterest
It's a little taste of Greece.
Sep 24, 2017
5 Tips for Grocery Shopping from a Professional Instacart Shopper
Want to get better at grocery shopping? Learn from the pros.
Sep 22, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Pancake Recipe on Pinterest
Have you tried this?
Sep 17, 2017
The 5 Budget Ingredients Every College Student Should Have in Their Dorm
Five of our favorite staples to have on hand so you shop like a pauper but eat like a prince.
Sep 11, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe on Pinterest
It's been saved over 138,000 times on the platform this year alone.
Sep 10, 2017
You’re Going to Be Obsessed with This Beauty and the Beast Pot from Le Creuset
If you’re somebody who loves Disney movies, enjoys a good braised meat dish, or maybe just needs a little whimsy in her everyday life, then the latest collaboration between Disney and Le Creuset might just rock your world. On September 15, a thousand limited-edition Beauty and the Beast soup pots will be released on Le Creuset and Disney websites and in Le Creuset Signature stores. The enameled cast iron pot is a sunny yellow color suitably named Soleil.
Sep 7, 2017
Here’s Everything My 18-Month-Old Ate in a Single Day
My evening checklist for my toddler son goes something like the following: 1. Did you say any new words today? 2. Did you injure yourself or others today? 3. Did anybody try to screw with you on the playground today? Because if they did, Mama’s not afraid to give them a piece of her mind (mostly kidding). 4. Did you poop today? 5. What did you eat today? That last thought is an important one.
Sep 6, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Chicken Recipe on Pinterest
Have you tried this?
Sep 3, 2017
The One Healthy Snack I Always Sneak into Movie Theaters
Do you remember when it was like $10 tops to see a movie? I’m talking ticket, popcorn, and parking meter included. Okay, we didn’t have to pay the meter in the sleepy southern California suburb where my mom and dad let me go to movies with friends alone from the tender age of 11, but you know what I mean. It cost a lot of money to drive downtown to go see a Broadway touring company perform a matinee, but seeing a 10 a.m. showing of the latest Disney cartoon? That was cheap.
Aug 29, 2017
5 Things We Learned About Meal Prep from Instagram
By now it’s probably obvious that we’re pretty obsessed with meal prepping at Kitchn. Sure, it might not be as sexy as whipping something up on the fly, but meal prepping provides a host of benefits, including saving you money, helping you eat more healthfully, and ensuring that those hanger pains stay at bay.
Aug 21, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Zucchini Recipe on Pinterest
Have you tried this?
Aug 20, 2017
5 Teachers Share Their Favorite On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas
Being a teacher isn’t all “Best Teacher Ever” mugs and sharing funny stories about the kids’ antics during class breaks, you know. In fact, it seems like it’s hardly ever that stuff. From where I sit, teaching seems like a ton of work.
Aug 14, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Popsicle Recipe on Pinterest
It's so easy that there's no actual recipe to follow.
Aug 13, 2017
The 10 Cocktails Teachers Wish They Had While Grading Papers
Pass that appletini over this way.
Aug 11, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Tomato Recipe on Pinterest
Bring on the fire!
Aug 6, 2017
10 Teachers Share the Snacks That Fuel Their Workdays
The days seem long (to parents, anyway!), but the months of summer are short. Before you know it, school will be back in session and caregivers everywhere will be racking their brains over how to get kids to eat healthy snacks instead of just trading them for fidget spinners. But the kids aren’t the only ones who need a little pick-me-up during snack time — teachers need to keep up their energy, and the same ol’ apple day after day gets a little boring.
Aug 3, 2017
The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Made in the Kitchen After Having a Baby
The best part about being pregnant is the fantasies you have before the baby comes. Nothing x-rated here — it’s all about brunching with your snoozing baby, the beauty and ease of naturally breastfeeding, finally fitting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes, and having that unicorn baby who magically figures out how to sleep through the night at six weeks old.
Aug 1, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Hummus Recipe on Pinterest
Break out the pita chips!
Jul 30, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Piña Colada Recipe on Pinterest
Have you tried this?
Jul 23, 2017
This Is the Most Popular Bacon Recipe on Pinterest
Bacon never gets old.
Jul 16, 2017
Match Your Favorite Disney Princess to Your Next Weeknight Meal
You’re never too old to be obsessed with Disney princesses. Maybe you’re a little old to wear a full-blown costume to the bank to ask for a mortgage, but you’re always allowed to curl up on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate, throw on your favorite nostalgic movie, and belt out the power ballads. If you really want to take it to the next level, infuse your cooking with that Disney magic and match your dinner to your princess.
Jul 11, 2017
Hero Mom “Dresses” Her Daughter in Clothing Good Enough to Eat
When I was in elementary school, my mom sewed a lot of my clothes. She was especially into food-themed dresses, as was I. There was a picnic table dress with sandwich buttons, and a watermelon-printed dress with tiny watermelon wedge appliques, among others. I really thought I was all that and a bag of (sour cream and onion) chips.
Jul 10, 2017