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Homesteaders’ Cocktail Recipe: Lovage Simple Syrup
I spent the Memorial Day weekend with my friend Joe Yonan up in Maine where he is taking a year off from his role as Food and Travel editor of The Washington Post to work on a book about vegetables and live on his sister and brother-in-law’s homestead. He’s growing his own produce, fetching eggs in the morning from his small gaggle of hens, and living as much as possible off the land.
May 2, 2019
Classic Recipe: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
For pie-lovers in colder northern climates like mine here in New York, rhubarb is the first fresh garden gift of the season and there is always a lot of excitement when it begins to poke its pretty pink neck out of the earth. A straight-up rhubarb pie is a fine thing, but since strawberries debut themselves shortly after rhubarb — not to mention the fact that their sweetness cuts rhubarb’s lip-puckering tartness — it makes perfect sense to put the two together.
May 2, 2019
Dessert Recipe: Croatian Stonska Torta
On my recent trip to Croatia, I went to Mali Ston, a tiny little village at the end of the isthmus that connects the Pelječac Peninsula with the mainland of the Dalmatian coast. My good friend Amy told me I must go there because “it’s an oyster town!” and these were some of the best she’d ever had, so of course I went straight for Mali Ston. She was right; it was oyster central. Oysters have been farmed here since Roman times.
May 2, 2019
The Foolproof Freezer Cookbook by Ghillie James
I daydream about having a giant deep freezer to fill with harvest-time bounty and made-ahead meals for babysitter nights. The reality is that my freezer is the size of an accordion and is carefully jammed full with a menagerie of odds and ends: just enough frozen fruit for smoothies, a couple of random meats (goat cubes! a rabbit!), no more than one container of homemade ice cream at a time, and two mini ice cube trays.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Green Papaya Pad Thai
I recently had the best Pad Thai of my life. It was one of those restaurant meals where the person cooking takes us under her wing and simply says, “How about I just cook for you?” Chef Ngamprom “Hong” Thaimee of Ngam in NYC’s East Village then brought out plate after plate of regional Thai cuisine from her native Chiang Mai, Thailand, and I was floored.
May 2, 2019
Storm Relief Recipe: Almond & Coconut Granola
As I think about the many stories I could write about cooking my way through last week’s hurricane, I feel an abundance of gratitude that I can sit here and even ponder writing about the meals I made by candlelight, the cocktails invented with lack of ice, and the ways having a gas stove made it possible to not just survive but to thrive in my dark yet dry fourth floor walk-up just a few short blocks from some of the most devastating flooding to ever occur in Manhattan.
May 2, 2019
15 Cookbooks from 2012 That Made Me Love Cooking More
What a great year for cookbooks. Despite the almost daily release of a new culinary app, and despite the thousands of incredible online cooking resources [wink, wink] and the continuing explosion of cooking shows, people are still enamored of good old-fashioned cookbooks.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Winter Greens Pesto
It’s been months since I yanked basil from the ground and whizzed up some pesto. When basil is in season, I’m slathering it on everything from pasta to crostini to eggs, to the point where it is a kitchen staple. What happens when that pesto-craving hits, but your window-box is bare and the market only has sad limp little bouquets of basil? Get creative. It turns out you can make pesto out of just about anything.
May 2, 2019
My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Cheap Aluminum Garlic Press
Because I tout the simple, sparse life in the kitchen, it comes to the surprise of many who visit me in my cooking den that I own a garlic press. The love affair didn’t happen overnight. It took me a while to proudly press garlic with a one-hit-wonder gadget, but now I use it all the time. This single-use tool doesn’t even have any sneaky alternate uses; the only thing it will do for your meal is crush garlic into the finest, most gloriously minuscule mince possible.
May 2, 2019
Easy Summer Recipe: Succotash Salad
The first time I had succotash, it was made with freshly shelled, barely cooked fava beans, bright heirloom tomatoes, corn from the garden and a lot of cracked black pepper. It was a hot night, and paired with a big tumbler of rosé, it was all I needed for dinner. I loved the way the flavors stood on their own and harmonized together, and I loved the name itself.
May 2, 2019
Fall Baking Recipe: Rustic White Bread from a Bread Cloche
If you’ve ever made bread from scratch, found a technique and a recipe you like, and then practiced it a lot, you probably can make a pretty great loaf of bread. But people who make bread at home often complain that it just doesn’t quite approximate the bread they have from a French bakery, which is somehow lighter inside and crispier outside. You’ve worked so hard, you want a deep brown crust that shatters when you hit it, right?
May 2, 2019
Day 6: Consider Appliances, Gadgets and Tools
Day 6: Monday, October 7 Assignment: Consider appliances, gadgets and tools Today is the day when you are allowed to bring in a few things that aren’t perishable, so choose wisely. If you have a budget set aside, today is a shopping day. If not, it’s a dreaming day. Either way, you’ll have some fun. Before clicking through, take a long deep breath and promise yourself that you won’t just fill up the new empty space you created during the last few days.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Whole Grilled Branzino
It turns out the easiest part of making a whole fish is prepping and roasting it. The tricky part is finding a fish that doesn’t come with a whole lot of environmental baggage. It seems like the lists and apps telling us which fish to buy and which fish to snub are always shifting. At the moment, there’s one type of fish that is fairly easy to find, moderately affordable, and won’t do too much damage to your karma: Branzino.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Grilled Packet Potatoes
Eating anything from a packet of foil off the grill brings back fond memories of camping with my grandpa Ted. We made everything from trout fresh out of the stream, to a tortilla chip version of Frito Pie with a can of bonfire-hot canned chili. Of course, it’s a fun presentation, but grilling in foil is also a super efficient way to cook. You can parse out servings, keep flavors distinct (go ahead and grill fish at the same time!), and leftovers are take-to-work ready.
May 2, 2019
7 Essentials from west elm for an Organized Kitchen
Knowing a few solid knife skills and basic recipes aren’t the only ingredients to making good food; having an organized kitchen gives you a huge advantage when cooking. As part of our partnership with west elm this month, let us share a few of our favorite organization items that make the kitchen feel peaceful and in order, which lets you get the job done without stress.
May 1, 2019
10 Good Things from west elm for a Cozy Winter Kitchen
The main ingredient for making a cozy winter kitchen is of course, love and good food. But if you’re looking for a few new items to spruce up your space, let us share one more roundup from our partnership with west elm this month. here are some ideas. Oversized Raw Wood Board, $39 – $89 – I can see this board filled with meats and cheeses to start a long winter meal, or filled with individual pizzas for a main course.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Whole Wheat No-Knead Bread
It’s true: Cookbook writers actually do cook from their own books. I keep copies of the books I’ve written at close reach in my kitchen, dog-eared and stained. One of the recipes I make over and over again is the Overnight No-Knead Bread from The Kitchn Cookbook. Between morning toast, school lunches, afternoon snacks, and mopping up the evening’s soup, we can easily blow through a few loaves of this every week.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: A Midwinter Tang Cocktail
How did I end up with half a dozen astronaut high-ball glasses and a 20-ounce container of Tang powder? It’s a long story that starts last December at my daughter’s school fundraiser where we auctioned off dinner for six at my house. Bidding far exceeded expectations, and the winner ended up being a friend who bought the dinner for her partner’s birthday.
May 1, 2019
Day 9: Cook Yourself a Meal
Day 9: Thursday, October 10 Assignment: Cook yourself a meal The penultimate assignment in The Kitchn Cure is always to cook yourself a simple meal. This isn’t your big graduation brouhaha; this is a simple meal you are to cook yourself right away. As in tonight. Your kitchen is clean, you have no nasty old food in your fridge or pantry, you have all the right tools and you even have some fresh flowers or a plant inspiring you to nourish yourself. What’s stopping you? I get it.
Apr 27, 2019
Recipe: Chicken in Coconut Milk with Lemongrass
Our piece aboutJamie Oliver’s chicken in milk got me thinking about other possibilities for cooking a whole chicken in milk — what could be easier than filling a pot with liquid and spices, turning on the heat, and walking away until what’s left is the most succulent fall-off-the-bone bird? So I decided to try the sweet and pungent flavors of coconut milk, lemongrass, and star anise.
Oct 15, 2015
Recipe: Braised Summer Pork Shank (Adaptable For Any Season)
It seems like Boston butts and pork shoulders get all the slow-cooking love these days, but there’s another kid in town that gets dinner on the table in much less time, and still has all that budget-conscious, fall-off-the bone goodness. A pork shank begs for a braise, too, but unlike the larger cuts of pork we usually talk about, this one won’t take all day to cook and can be done in a smaller pot.
Aug 28, 2014
Recipe: Easy Rosemary-Rubbed Pork Chops
in just a few minutes If you have a grill pan, this is a great time to use it. But if not, simply cook the pork in a heavy skillet such as cast iron. What doesn’t complement a pork chop? I love chops over polenta, or a bed of mashed sweet potatoes, but the truth is that I usually just pair this dish with whatever leftovers are in the refrigerator.
May 22, 2014
Recipe: Asparagus with Eggs and Parmesan
This time of year slays me; in New York City, the snow is pretty much finished, the ear muffs have been packed up and early daffodils and crocus blossoms are poking their way through the packed city soil. And yet, there is no food growing yet. It’s the season when my dreams are populated with ramps, fiddlehead ferns and asparagus.
Apr 9, 2014
Recipe: The “Why You Don’t Need a Recipe for a Salad” Recipe
We’re talking about lunch and salads this week and I thought can I possibly write another recipe for a salad? I search for a lot of recipes online, I have a huge cookbook library, and I subscribe to many food magazines, but unless it’s a very esoteric, composed salad I had at a restaurant that I’m trying to emulate, salads are more of an ad-lib kind of thing in my kitchen.
Mar 13, 2014
Ten Ways to Make a Pork Butt Last All Week (Or Just All Day)
Though it’s one of my favorite big-party dishes, a slow-roasted pork butt is also an ingenious way to get food on the table all week long, or parsed out over a month or two. A typical five or six pound boneless pork butt will yield a nice pile of cooked meat. Once you have your mountain of shredded pork, the possibilities are almost limitless. Let’s pause for a quick pig anatomy lesson. A pork butt is not, in fact, the hog’s rear end. If anything, that’s the ham.
Feb 20, 2014
Recipe: Sunchoke and Garlic Soup
It’s hard to write about sunchokes without mentioning two things: the name is confusing, and they can cause embarrassing gas. So let’s get those two topics out of the way. First of all, sunchokes are also known as Jerusalem artichokes. They are neither from Jerusalem (they are native to the Northeastern United States), nor are they artichokes. They are actually tubers of a sunflower-like plant.
Jan 30, 2014
Homemade Gift Recipe: Skillet Toffee
When I was a child, there weren’t a lot of sweets in our house, but come Christmastime, little teasing bits of my mom’s holiday toffee would show up in my normally sugar-starved lunch bag during the week before school let out. Then, during our annual Christmas Eve tamale party, huge platters would appear, with piles of the stuff stacked high like poker chips Though I moved across the country almost twenty years ago, she hasn’t missed a single season of toffee.
Dec 5, 2013
How I Learned Not to Throw My Dinner Plates
Last September I signed up for a wheel-throwing ceramics class thinking I would be able to make a set of dinner plates. I had big plans to write a piece about my experience: a photo of a stack of serene white plates, a little wabi-sabi of course, not perfect, but complete, heavy and unique. I knew there would be some bumps along the way, but I fully expected to succeed and have a great story to tell.
Oct 31, 2013
Recipe: Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup
I just returned from a weekend away and discovered seven huge, funky, end-of-season tomatoes in my refrigerator where I’d thrown them for safe-keeping days prior when I dashed out the door to the airport. The days of Caprese salads are sadly over for this year, but for those of us who have a few misshapen, soft-in-spots tomatoes kicking around the kitchen, there are options for using them up. Tomato soup is one of my favorites.
Oct 10, 2013
Recipe: Olive Oil and Whiskey Carrot Cake
Making Ursula’s birthday cake is always an exercise in balance. I learned my lesson big time last year when she asked for a rainbow cake and I decided to take the opportunity of her turning six, combined with the fact that the rainbow has six colors, to make her a six-layer chocolate cake frosted with a different color of the rainbow from the bottom up; red. . . orange . . . yellow. . . you get the idea.
Oct 3, 2013
Day 4: Deep Clean
Day 4: Thursday, October 3 Assignment: Deep clean every part of your kitchen Here is one of my favorite tasks. I know, some people think I’m crazy, but cleaning a kitchen is one of the most rewarding chores. There are some places in a kitchen that can go years without attention, then suddenly you notice the grime and the grease and cleaning it up feels so liberating, you could just sing. Okay, maybe not all of you, but that’s how it goes in my house.
Oct 3, 2013
Day 3: Declutter Appliances, Gadgets and Tools
Day 3: Wednesday, October 2 Assignment: Declutter appliances, gadgets and tools I’ve had days in the kitchen where I open my drawer, my one and only drawer in my kitchen, and I find things so caddywhompus that I feel like shutting the drawer, turning around, and ordering take-out. Does this sound familiar? The corkscrew is twisted onto a whisk, there are wooden skewers poking into the sides of the drawer, and the ubiquitous drawer full of leftover containers with mis-matched tops.
Oct 2, 2013
Day 2: Declutter and Clean Pantry and Food Storage Areas
Day 2: Tuesday, October 1 Assignment: Declutter and clean your pantry and food storage areas How did you sleep? Did you dream about your sparkling refrigerator and freezer? Are you ready to hit it again? Today we’re repeating yesterday’s assignment, but applying the assignments to the the pantry, cabinets and countertops; in other words, any foods in your kitchen that are not in the refrigerator or freezer. Foods stored out of the refrigerator often are overlooked.
Oct 1, 2013
Day 1: Declutter and Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer
Day 1: Monday, September 30 Assignment: Declutter and clean the refrigerator and freezer Welcome, everyone! Happy first day of The Kitchn Cure. There are over 6,000 7,000 of you signed up so far; I’m pretty sure we’re about to make a difference in the world. By cleaning out your kitchen and giving it offerings of beauty and life, you shift the energy in your home. Then you start to cook more for yourself, you have people over, you eat more nutritiously. Life gets better.
Sep 30, 2013
Why I Clean Out My Kitchen Every Fall
A long time ago when we started Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, we talked a lot about how homes are living beings and how so many suffer from pains and illness, it’s almost as if they are crying out for help. Maxwell responded by writing the Eight Step Home Cure and started leading online “cures” on Apartment Therapy. Soon after I created a ten-step Cure just for the kitchen and turned that into an online experience. Why the kitchen specifically?
Sep 26, 2013
The Kitchn Cure Starts Today! Sign Up Now
I bet you’re ready for a more healthy, organized kitchen. Starting today we’ll be running The Kitchn Cure, a 10-day refresh of your cooking space. We’ve been helping people actualize this dream for years. All it takes is a commitment of about an hour a day (sometimes less) for about 10 days (we spread them over two weeks giving you catch-up time) and a little bravery.
Sep 23, 2013
Eva Green’s Greek Hideaway
One of my favorites belonged to a Cretan-born woman named Eva Green who spends half the year on Kea in her hill-top stone home, and the other half of the year in Australia.The house is a former mill, made entirely out of stone. “When I came here there was only a dirt road,” she said. Originally coming to the island distressed from a divorce and wanting to be alone, she found out the little building was for sale and bought it. It had a donkey stable and an outdoor toilet.
Jun 20, 2013
Baking Recipe: Seeded Whole Wheat Overnight Bread
Lately I’ve been spending weekends in a house upstate that I’m sharing with my friends Hilary and Al. Deciding to share the house with them was a no-brainer: lovely people, great style, a kind and gentle son for Ursula to hang out with, fabulous British accents, and a killer house. What I didn’t know until arriving for our first weekend was that Al makes bread every Friday night for toast on Saturday morning. I totally scored.
Jun 13, 2013
Kitchen Sounds: The Orchestra of Cooking & Eating
When we talk about food and cooking, we talk about senses.Usually taste comes first, that one is easy. Smell is a close second, as it is a major neurological trigger to everything from memory and dreams to salivation and stomach groans. Then comes sight; spend thirty seconds on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll see what I mean: we are obsessed with looking at food.
Apr 11, 2013
We’re Writing The Kitchn Cookbook!
Discussing a shot with the visuals team on set in a Portland, Oregon winery!It’s been a long time coming. In the years since I started The Kitchn in 2005, Apartment Therapy has published three design books, and Faith and I have each published two of our own cookbooks, but until now, there hasn’t been a cookbook to share The Kitchn with the world beyond the internet. For the last several months we’ve been hard at work on the biggest book yet.
Apr 4, 2013
Home Cooking for Valentine’s Day
Last week a friend asked me which of two very high-end restaurants in New York he should pick for a date with his wife that night. I gave my opinion and asked what they were celebrating.“Valentine’s Day; we go before the rush.”That’s really smart, I thought. I made a joke about buying roses early too, before they double in price. Then I got to thinking about what is all means anyway.
Feb 14, 2013
An Archeologist’s Kitchen in Italy
The very last thing I did in Parma during my visit this past fall was to stumble into Gloria Canelli’s magical apartment and gasp. Gloria is an archaeologist whose excitement for the world’s little artifacts is immediately evident when you step into her home, but especially so when she takes you to her kitchen.
Jan 24, 2013
Deb Perelman’s Tiny Smitten Kitchen Rental
If you follow Deb Perelman on her enormously popular blog, Smitten Kitchen, you are already familiar with one part of her East Village, NYC home kitchen very well. There is a 36-inch span of black speckled countertop where she preps, plates and shoots just about anything that ends up on the pages of the site.
Nov 15, 2012
Recipe: Homemade Ketchup
As if to turn on a dime, the little person I cook for and eat with most often went from proclaiming that oysters were her favorite food to announcing that her favorite food was in fact a hamburger. I knew this would happen. So, in an effort to temper meat consumption, but still occasionally provide her with what she says she loves, we make a big stink out of it: clapping out our own patties, simmering sweet onions, and now, making our own ketchup.
Sep 20, 2012
Recipe: Master Cleanse Chicken
Once upon a time long ago, a friend of mine told me she was doing a crazy thing called the Master Cleanse; for something like thirty days she consumed only a tonic made from water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This, of course, went down in California. Since then I’ve tried the Master Cleanse once, for three miserable days, and bombed.
Aug 9, 2012
Family Recipe: Baked Beans with Pineapple and Bacon
A family recipe is important, even if we don’t remember all the parts, because each attempt at its re-creation keeps us connected to the people who helped shape us. It happens each time we do that intimate, life-sustaining cooking and eating thing, especially when we do it from a place of memory.
Aug 2, 2012
Recipe: Miso Tahini Dressing
I don’t often get so attached to one thing that it’s all I eat, day in and day out, but it happened with a salad dressing a few months ago. A simple shake-up of miso paste, tahini, and lemon, it’s nothing revolutionary, and certainly nothing I hadn’t had before at the local healthy lunch joint, but for some reason it’s really been hitting the spot.
Jun 21, 2012
Recipe: Tangy Sour Cream Ice Cream
I recently made my first strawberry rhubarb pie of the season and served with it an ice cream made from scraps in the fridge. I had an open container of sour cream, the dregs of a pint of yogurt, a lemon on its last legs, but no eggs. The resulting tangy sour cream ice cream was, like many kitchen inventions, a happy accident because along the way I discovered the perfect ice cream flavor for pie. Pies, especially fruit-based ones, ask for something creamy, not too sweet, with a bit of tang.
May 24, 2012