Samantha Zabell

Samantha is a writer, runner, and avid plan-canceler living in Manhattan. In between Netflix binges, she's working her calligraphy side hustle at @samzawrites.
7 Things That Made My New Rental Kitchen Feel So Much Bigger
Who knew that wooden crates and folding tables would be so handy?
May 1, 2019
7 Brilliant Things You Can Do with Just an Ice Cube
One of my biggest pet peeves is reading about brilliant household hacks that require items I don’t have just lying around my pantry. (Why is it that beauty hacks always require witch hazel?) But if you have an ice cube — just one! — you can make cleaning, plant care, and getting dressed in the morning a lot easier. What is it about gum that causes it to end up in the oddest spaces?
May 1, 2019
The Single Best Way to Reduce Visual Clutter All Over Your Home
You may have only heard of decanting when it comes to wine, but this technique is a game-changer for organizing your home. By moving everyday products into containers, you’re eliminating the visual clutter created by clunky shelf packaging — which was never meant to fit neatly on your shelves. This is also great for those who buy — or want to buy — in bulk. No need to store the extra-large box on your shelves, instead, decant into a usable jar and refill as needed.
May 1, 2019
7 Things Super-Healthy People Do at Home That You Don’t
Being healthy can feel like a chore. You think that you have to cook special food or try trendy fitness classes to achieve any healthy goals, but when I talked to some really healthy individuals — from the founder of Whole30 to a sleep doctor — none of them brought up any scary so-called-superfoods or intense workout routines. Turns out being healthy is just about making a few very simple, but very good, choices.
Sep 26, 2018
Jonathan Adler, Gail Simmons, and 4 Other Super-Stylish People on How They Set a Modern Passover Seder Table
The Passover Seder is one of the most important meals that Jewish people eat all year, and there is no arguing that the symbolism and ritual associated with the dinner is far more meaningful than the décor. That said, given that family and friends use the first two nights of the week-long holiday to gather around the table, it would be nice if that table looked beautiful.
Mar 30, 2018