Saadia Faruqi

3 Moms on How They Help Their Teens Fast During Ramadan
All three women, in keeping with Ramadan cultural traditions from around the world, prepare for Ramadan in ways big and small for themselves and their families.
Jun 1, 2018
Remembering My Mother’s Table with Fresh Roti in America
My daughter is mad at me again. The ground beef I’ve cooked is too spicy for her, and what on earth are the green things in it? I tell her that’s cilantro and I only put a pinch of red chili powder. She’s not pacified; she’d rather have chicken nuggets or a grilled cheese sandwich. Anything but Pakistani food. “Too bad,” I tell her, echoing my own mother from 30-some years ago. “This is what you’re eating tonight.
Nov 2, 2017