Reshmi Kaur Oberoi

Reshmi Kaur Oberoi is a reporter-writer currently pursuing freelance work across digital and print spaces. Her writing focuses on fashion, health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. Aside from her mixed heritage as a Puerto Rican-Punjabi, her unique perspective includes the shift that her life took when a disciplinarian work ethic that led to academic and athletic success led to a near-fatal anorexia diagnosis in 2015. Still actively trying to recover, she currently works with an outpatient team. Her creative long form personal essays and observations can be read on her website,, and her short-form narrative on her social media platforms. Follow her @ReshmiKO.
How the Ritual of Cleaning and Preparing for Diwali Makes Me Feel Like a Domestic Goddess
Personal Essay
"In my home, cleaning was not a woman's task alone. It was the universal showing of devotion for something larger than one's self — a cultural legacy of discipline and self-care."
Nov 5, 2021