Priyanka Naik

Priyanka Naik is a self-taught Indian vegan chef, Food Network champion, Quibi Dishmantled Winner, TV host, and author. She hosts Dish it Healthy with Priyanka Naik on Food Network Kitchen and is the author of The Modern Tiffin out on November 2, 2021 (available for PRI-order now). She has been featured on The Today Show, Bon Appétit, Glamour, CNN, Forbes, GQ, The Beet, Well + Good, Medium, and more. Priyanka, a first-generation Indian American, was raised on Staten Island, New York, and has two elder sisters. She attributes her devotion to her Indian roots and passion for Indian food to her loving and supportive parents.
Indian Home Fries and Almond Tahini Cake: My Modern Take on My Family’s Diwali Recipes
"Enjoy what you cook and who you share it with. That, above all else, is what's most important this holiday season."
Nov 4, 2021
This Almond Tahini Cake Tastes Like Baklava — Without All the Effort
Did we mention that it's soaked with a sweet rose syrup and topped with buttery green pistachios?
Nov 3, 2021
Sweet, Spicy, and Crunchy: These Indian Home Fries with Peanuts Have It All
Sweet potatoes never had it so good.
Nov 3, 2021
Priyanka Naik's Baby Eggplants in Peanut-Basil Sauce
Eat More Plants
This recipe was inspired by a very traditional Indian dish and my travel experiences. You’ll find a variation of Badanekai Tumbida, or stuffed eggplant, in a lot of Indian households (including mine), mainly from Maharashtra and South India. The stuffing is generally a mix of sautéed onions, garlic, peanuts, and a lot of different spices. You make an x-shaped cut in the rounded end of the eggplant, stuff it, then flash sear the eggplants in a hot pan.
Jun 7, 2021