The Cheesemonger: Flixer
The Cheesemonger will be in France next week, eating lots of delicious cheese. Because of this, there will be no Cheesemonger post. I’ll be returning the following week with lots of new cheese posts for the Francophile in all of us.Name: FlixerProducer: Rolf Beeler/Mario Cotto (Graubunden, Switzerland)Milk: Raw Sheep Age: 80 days+Price: $28.00-$31.
May 3, 2019
The Cheesemonger: Tronchon
Name: TronchonProducer: Various (Tronchon, Spain)Milk: Raw/Pasteurized Raw Cow’s, Goat’s & Sheep’s MilkAge: 2 months+Price: $11.99-$23.00 Few cheeses are as readily identifiable at Spain’s Tronchon. Produced in a small village of the same name, Tronchon has a distinct crater in the center and a raised ring around the outside, giving it the look of a very large doughnut whose center has not been completely removed.
May 3, 2019
The Cheesemonger: Cheese Books
In preparing these weekly articles, I have a small arsenal of cheese books at my disposal. Though the internet helps, of course, my first stop is always the books. As much info as Wikipedia has, I trust Max McCalman a whole lot more. Here’s a list of my favorites:Cheese: A Connoisseurs Guide to the World’s Best by Max McCalmanSimply put, this is the best cheese book out there now. Not only is it easy to read and full of information, it’s simply gorgeous.
Jul 30, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Great Hill Blue
Name: Great Hill BlueProducer: Great Hill Dairy (Marion, Massachusetts)Milk: Raw Cow’s MilkAge: 4 months+Price: $13.99-$17.75 Unpasteurized, unhomogenized and, as an orange juice company put it, “simply unfooled around with”. These phrases describe the ideals Great Hill Dairy employs when producing their lone cheese, Great Hill Blue. Located near Boston, in Marion, Massachusetts, they are one of a growing segment of Massachusetts cheesemakers.
Apr 30, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Gorwydd Caerphilly
Name: Gorwydd CaerphillyProducer: Gorwydd Farm (Ceredigion, Wales)Milk: Raw Cow’s MilkAge: 2 monthsPrice: $22.99-29.00/lb. I never expected to be impressed by Caerphilly. I had tasted examples of this cheese before and its straightforward, dry, citrus-like flavor was good, if not uninspiring. Then I tasted Gorwydd Caerphilly and everything was illuminated. This is what Caerphillly should taste like!
Apr 16, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Brie
Name: BrieProducer: Various (Ile-de-France, France)Milk: Raw/Thermalized/Pasteurized Cow’s MilkAge: 2 monthsPrice: $12.99-20.25 How is Brie like a Sam Adams beer? I have a theory. To me, Sam Adams is the in between beer. It is for people who are ready to graduate from Bud Light, but not quite ready for the extra money and commitment it takes to wade through an endless sea of unknown labels. This is not a bad thing. I think people need these stepping stones.
Mar 26, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Reblochon
Name: ReblochonProducer: Various (Savoie, France)Milk: Raw Cow’s MilkAge: 30 days+Price: $14.00-$21.50/lb I’ve seen signs, at both cheese counters where I’ve worked, describing a cheese as “sexy”. In the past, I just laughed it off. Now, I find myself using the very same word to describe Reblochon. This cheese is so lush, rich and impossibly silken in texture, it creates a very sensual experience on the tongue.
Feb 26, 2007
Raw vs. Pasteurized Cheeses
I’ve received numerous questions in regards to raw milk cheeses during my time selling cheese. Is it safe? What does it “raw” mean (in the case of milk, it means unpasteurized)? Why can’t we sell young raw milk cheeses in the US?Originally, the issue of raw milk cheeses was centered on “the 60 day rule.” Raw milk cheeses were allowed to be made, imported and sold in the United States provided they were aged for 60 days.
Feb 26, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Rajya Metok
Name: Rajya MetokProducer: Village of Ragya, TibetMilk: Pasteurized YakAge: 2 months+Price: $21.98/lb “Tibetan Yak Cheese”. The name itself sounds a bit mysterious and more than a little absurd.I first heard about Yak cheese in May, during Tibetan Yak Cheese Week. Ironically, having to sell cheese prevented me from going to the event, but I kept the thought in the back of my head. When I found out iGourmet* carried it, I had to try some.
Jan 22, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Serra da Estrela
Name: Serra da EstrelaProducer: Various (Serra da Estrela, Portugal)Milk: Raw SheepAge: 60 days+Price: $26.00-$32.50/lb High in the Serra da Estrela mountain range of Portugal, artisanal cheesemakers have been producing this, their namesake cheese, almost the same way for centuries. Starting with raw sheep’s milk (it has to, since the cheese is DOP protected), Serra da Estrela is completely handmade; even the curds are cut by hand!
Jan 8, 2007
The Cheesemonger: Tomme de Savoie
Name: Tomme de SavoieProducer: Various (Haute-Savoie)Milk: Raw/Pasteurized CowAge: 2 monthsPrice: $16.00-$18.99 I had intended to start this article by clarifying the meaning of the word “tomme”, as there seems to be some confusion about tomme cheeses being a family of similar flavors. As it turns out, after consulting three different sources, I got three different definitions.
Nov 8, 2006
The Cheesemonger: Original Blue
I’ve moved my cheese! Though I loved my time at Murray’s Cheese, I will now be mongering the cheese and other gourmet food items at the newly opened Cobblestone Foods on Court Street in Cobble Hill. It’s in the spot Tuller Foods used to occupy, for those who visited that shop. Please stop by and say hello!Name: Original BlueProducer: Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. (California)Milk: Raw CowAge: 6 monthsPrice: $15.99-$19.
Nov 1, 2006