Pableaux Johnson

Pableaux Johnson is a New Orleans-based photographer, journalist and author of three books on Louisiana food culture. He has pronounced weaknesses for fine bourbon whiskey, funky sousaphones, raw oysters, coconut cream pie, and talking dog jokes.
How To Make Red Beans & Rice in an Electric Pressure Cooker
Red beans and rice for Mardi Gras at home.
Aug 10, 2023
Why Louisville’s Everyday Culinary Treasures Are Worth the Trip
Any time I come to Louisville, I play a little game. Sit at a bar, sniff out the bourbon section, and start counting bottles. The tiniest little neighborhood bar might have about 50. Renowned whiskey bars often pour a few hundred brown-water variations. From the bar at Harvest, a middle-sized farm-to-table eatery in the artsy NuLu (New Louisville) district, I stop counting at about 80.
May 24, 2019
How Louisville Turned a New Yorker into a Top Chef
When the now-familiar Ed Lee — telegenic presence on several cooking shows (Top Chef season 9, Mind of a Chef) and perennial James Beard Award nominee — landed in Louisville in 2003, he was searching for life outside his native New York and a sense of post-traumatic meaning. “After 9/11, I had to get out of the city and clear my head. I sold my restaurant and started traveling around the country, discovering what America meant to me.
May 24, 2019