Michelle Gross

Michelle Gross is a freelance travel, food and culture reporter based in Jersey City. In addition to TheKitchn, her writing and photographs have appeared in Vogue, The Huffington Post, Travel+Leisure and Food & Wine.
I Went on a Key Lime Pie Road Trip with My Dad
After months of deliberation, my father and I finally settled on the Florida Keys for our long-overdue father-daughter trip. The decision was primarily made due to its neutral proximity for us flying in from opposite coasts. Plus, it was just a place both of us had always wanted to go. Our route would take us roughly 100 miles from Key Largo to Kew West via US 1, aka the Overseas Highway. This iconic two-lane road with 42 (!!!
May 24, 2019
What I Learned from a Swiss Water Sommelier
I’ve been thinking a lot about water lately after a recent trip to Switzerland, where something like 80 percent of the water stems directly from natural springs and groundwater and lakes. Not only is it safe to drink from the tap, but it’s also actually considered healthier than the bottled water you’d buy in the store.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Key Lime Pie
In April, my dad and I embarked on a road trip through the Florida Keys. What started out as a good old-fashioned drive from Key Largo to Key West turned into a quest to find the best slice of key lime pie. We ate a lot of key lime pie. We ate it as pie and on sticks. We tried it in jars and covered in syrup. We tried it with meringue and without. We ate it outside and inside. We even tried a gluten-free version.
May 1, 2019
A Food-Lover’s Guide to the Jersey Shore
As a Southern Californian living in New York, I thought I would find my go-to beach destination in the Hamptons. My first summer, I packed my bags and headed out on the first post-work Jitney my friends and I could get on. I soon realized, though, that the Hamptons just wasn’t my (beach) bag. The schlep is brutal, the restaurants are crowded, and the reservations are hard to come by. Plus, it just didn’t have the laid-back California vibe I was used to.
May 1, 2019