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Recipe: Coconut Mango Oat Muffins
Mornings are meant for muffins. They’re portable, easy to throw together, and can incorporate the season’s fruit beautifully. Such is the case with these vanilla-flecked, oat and coconut-strewn, mango-laden beauties. I love these muffins for many reasons. First, you can mix them by hand and there will be very few dishes (always a good thing). Second, they rely on my most favorite fat for cooking and baking: coconut oil.
May 2, 2019
Baking with Coconut Oil: Our 10 Favorite Recipes
Over the years, coconut oil has had a bad rap, but studies are now finding it has great health benefits and is a wonderful substitute for other oils in your cooking and baking.Because it tolerates high temperatures, coconut oil is a great substitute for shortening, butter, margarine, or vegetable oil. I find that when I bake with it, the resulting muffins, scones, or cakes have a special lightness to them and a slightly sweet fragrance unique to coconut oil.
May 2, 2019
Hello there, Rhubarb! 10 of Our Favorite Baking Recipes
You know it’s really spring when rhubarb is in the markets. That’s about the time I begin roasting it to eat with yogurt and ice cream, making crumbles and crisps, and folding it into every cake and muffin batter I can think of. Rhubarb is so delightful because it’s slightly tart and ever so bright, complimenting simple buttery desserts and vanilla flavors so well. It wants to saddle up to something a little sweeter than itself — take Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, for example.
May 2, 2019
10 Speedy & Delicious Puff Pastry Desserts
We’re all familiar with the question often asked before heading out to a party: what can we bring? Usually the answer is “just yourselves” and you grab a bottle of wine on the way out the door. But for times when you’re asked to bring a quick dessert, puff pastry is your new best friend. We talked about puff pastry a few weeks ago on The Kitchn and how wonderful it can be as a quick solution to appetizers. You essentially thaw it, slice it, fill it and bake it.
May 2, 2019
Quick Weeknight Recipe: 5-Ingredient Chili
This recipe delivers on nearly every expectation of a great weeknight recipe. It cooks in one pot, calls for just five ingredients, and makes for very good leftovers. It’s simple and delicious and perfect for the change of weather. Here’s a recipe that takes 30 minutes to make — a recipe that you can stretch for a few nights if need be, or freeze so you’ve got another meal waiting in the wings.
May 2, 2019
Spring Dinner Recipe: Quinoa with Chickpeas, Asparagus, and Fresh Peas
Much like kale, quinoa is one of those foods. I see it everywhere lately, from food blogs to lunch menus to dinner parties. And there’s a good reason why: it’s quick to make, simple and inexpensive, and much higher in protein than many other grains. So when a reader wrote in this week asking for protein-heavy vegetarian dishes, a big bowl of spring vegetable quinoa salad seemed like the easy choice. If you’ve never cooked quinoa before, it’s pretty simple.
May 2, 2019
Move Over, Tomato Bruschetta! 10 Tantalizing Toast Recipes
When most people think appetizers, toasts, and crostini, they often turn to bruschetta, that classic Italian combination that usually includes juicy tomatoes, cheese, and herbs. But there’s a whole world of toasts out there that rely on seasonal ingredients and innovative flavor combinations, spanning the map from skirt steak to strawberries and everything inbetween. There is a restaurant here in Seattle, Dinette, that specializes in toasts.
May 2, 2019
What Do You Serve Fussy & Picky Eaters? 10 Recipes to Help Meet the Challenge
I just re-read Laurie Colwin’s Home Cooking over the 4th of July holiday. I’ve long loved Colwin’s effortless prose and easy way of writing about simple cooking, but this time around I perked up at her discussion of feeding fussy eaters. Maybe this is because I was around extended family all week, maybe it’s because more and more of our friends seem to be discovering food allergies or aversions.
May 2, 2019
Fall Project: DIY Cider Mulling Spices
I had a forehead-slapping moment at the grocery store this week. It’s finally turned a bit blustery and rainy in Seattle, and so many of us have been welcoming the fall weather with open arms. So I found myself gravitating towards the bulk tea aisle, where I picked up a jug of apple cider and got sucked into buying an over-priced satchel of mulling spices. When I returned home, my boyfriend chided me for falling into the “mulling spice trap.
May 2, 2019
Plum Cakes, Tarts, and Pies: 10 Late Fall Dessert Recipes
End of Summer Prune Plum PiePlums seem to be the one reminder of late summer in the grocery store these days. That and tomatoes, I suppose. And even more: the plums this year have been incredible. While they’re great as a snack, folding them into simple fall desserts and is an obvious choice. They add a soft sweetness to everything from cakes to tarts to pies, and variations and inspiration abounds!
May 2, 2019
Planning the Vegetarian Holiday Meal: 5 Show-Stopping Main Courses
I was a vegetarian for years and years and truthfully, even today, turkey isn’t at all my favorite part of Thanksgiving. And ham doesn’t do much for me at Christmas. Instead, I tend to geek out over new vegetable side dishes and flavor-filled herby stuffing. But I remember the days where it did feel like vegetarian options were slim at the holiday table. They don’t have to be.Vegetarians and even vegans can fare just fine with side dishes during the holidays.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Southwestern Tofu Scramble
I was a vegetarian for a good fifteen years — all through college and most of my twenties. It was never a huge struggle for me because my family didn’t eat a great deal of red meat growing up and I wasn’t crazy about fish at the time, so it was a natural transition in many ways. I went to college in Boulder, CO, and as anyone who either lives or has visited Boulder knows, it’s a very tofu-friendly city.
May 2, 2019
Cocktail Recipe: The Midwinter Warmer
I’m not sure whether it’s the beginning of tax season or the gray Pacific Northwest days we’ve been having lately, but many people I know have been a bit down. In line at the grocery store, I hear families dreaming up sunny vacations and faraway weekend plans. But for the rest of the week, for the slog that February can feel like, I have a small solution: The Winter Warmer Cocktail.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Chai-Spiced Banana Cream Pie
I haven’t made a pie in awhile and I was thinking at this point that I’d hold out until early spring berries made their way into the markets. But recently, I overheard talk of a pie that caught me off guard: Chai-Spiced Banana Cream Pie. I didn’t have a recipe, but I could only imagine how amazing the spice-flecked vanilla custard, soft bananas and pillowy whipped cream would taste, so I set to work.
May 2, 2019
Appetizer Recipe: Herbed Goat Cheese Polenta Bites
I’m guilty of always reaching for the same appetizers when having friends or family over: good olives, flatbreads, interesting cheeses, and rosemary nuts. If you’ve been to our house for drinks or dinner, this likely sounds pretty familiar. The reason for the repetition is ease, but what if there were a creamy, lightly fried bite of polenta that was just as simple? An appetizer that would trump olives and nuts any day of the week?
May 2, 2019
Baked Ricotta: The Best Appetizer You Haven’t Met Yet
The reason I love baked ricotta is because it’s so simple and you can fold in any variety of herbs or chopped greens that you’d like. It also feels much more special than simply setting cheese out to slice, and can be reheated the next day to slather on top of toast in the morning or to dollop into green salads or spring pastas in the evening.
May 2, 2019
Cocktail Hour Recipe: Four Bitters Cocktail
In cooking and baking, I refer to certain dishes as “bridge recipes.” You know the ones: food that gives you a peek into the new season without fully committing to the produce or the feeling of the days ahead. Right now, an asparagus tart would be considered a bridge recipe for brunch. If you’re in California (sigh), strawberry shortcakes are your early peek into spring.
May 2, 2019
Spring Potlucks: 7 Easy Dishes for a Crowd
But spring potluck-ing is pretty straightforward: hearty salads are always a hit, grains are filling, and seasonal vegetables are a welcome burst of color. What are some of your favorite spring potluck dishes?
May 2, 2019
Breakfast Recipe: Blueberry Bran Muffins
Bran muffins can get a bad rap. They’re so often dry and overly-sweet, which always feels like a shame because bran has such a nice flavor in and of itself. Plus, there are so many ways to add a punch of flavor without a lot of extra sugar. How about a mound of blueberries, fresh lemon zest, and coconut oil folded into a delicate whole-grain batter? Truthfully I rarely bake muffins at home (I’m much more of a scone gal) because I usually find them to be not all that satisfying.
May 2, 2019
Easy, Colorful Appetizer Recipe: Creamy Beet & Tahini Dip
We have a great Middle Eastern grocery a few miles north of our house in Seattle, and given that my boyfriend Sam is Lebanese, we visit often to stock up on chickpeas, good feta and tahini — the latter being the one non-negotiable; we’re always stocked with tahini. And this recipe was born, really, from a few leftover beets and a love of tahini. That’s all you need.
May 2, 2019
Recipe for Two: Taco Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing
Living alone or as a couple can prove to be a challenge come dinnertime. When a recipe serves six, but there are only two of you, it can be a bore to eat the same thing several days in a row. This is why I wanted to write a recipe today that was the perfect size: a hearty dinner salad just for two. Taco salad reminds me of two things: my mom and my college days in Boulder, Colorado.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Creamy Baked Orzo with Ham, Peas and Leeks
Lately all of my favorite food websites and blogs have been awash in the bright, fresh colors of spring. From crisp asparagus to sweet fresh peas, there are signs of abundant warm-weather vegetables and salads everywhere I look. While my senses love it all, on cooler spring afternoons, comfort food is still the order of the day. So last weekend I pulled together this creamy baked orzo to have for a lazy lunch when lofty plans for hiking flew out the window at the first sign of a drizzle.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Nutty Arugula Pesto with Penne
This past February, I had the extreme good fortune of accompanying my family (or, really, inviting myself) on a vacation to St. Barthes. February in Seattle is one of the darker months, so this was a most welcome break. Since St. Barthes is an island with limited produce deliveries from the mainland, it was a common occurrence that restaurants or grocery stores would be out of a dish or ingredient “until the next boat comes.” There was little urgency about it; people just made do.
May 2, 2019
Hello, Hemp Seeds! 5 Great Recipes to Get You Started
Hemp seeds are on my permanent grocery list these days. But when my mom came to visit from California a few weeks ago, she turned her nose up at them and couldn’t quite understand: Why not just eat granola in the morning instead? Why would you put those in your salad? The truth? They’re nutty and delicious and pack a serious nutritional punch. In short: I’ve fallen hard for them.
May 2, 2019
A New Player at the Condiment Table: Chipotle Mayonnaise from Sir Kensington’s
‘Tis the season for mayonnaise. The trusty jar finds its way onto kitchen counters to help with potato salad pursuits, chicken and egg salad sandwiches, and run-of-the-mill condiment needs. And while we all likely have our favorite brand of mayonnaise, the field has changed a great deal: meet zesty, complex chipotle mayonnaise. I first got to know Sir Kensington products through their line of awesome ketchup, so I was pleased to hear that they were branching out.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Triple-Chocolate Peppermint Thumbprint Cookies
Sometimes the time comes when you need to double down on the chocolate. Or triple down, perhaps. And what better time than during the holiday season to triple down on some good chocolate, especially when there’s a silky peppermint filling involved and little shards of peppermint candy strewn on top? These cookies weren’t really my idea, at least at the beginning.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Miso-Roasted Asparagus Soba Noodle Salad
Like most of you I’m guessing, I go through serious lunch phases. This winter brought about a relentless breakfast burrito spree followed by a big run of avocado toasts topped with an egg. Lately though — now that spring is slowly showing its face — it has been all about soba noodles. In my humble opinion, there’s no better way to usher in warmer weather lunches. We’ve definitely written about soba noodle salads before here on The Kitchn.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: BLT Bites with Avocado Cream
At this point in the summer, appetizers and pre-dinner snacks can become pretty predictable. At our house, it tends to be all about crackers and soft cheese or salty almonds. These small bites can often feel rushed and a bit uninspired and yet they really can set the tone for a nice evening or event. So last week we ditched the almonds and crackers and schemed up these little toasts with all the components of a great bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in one small bite.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Whipped Yogurt with Apples and Walnuts
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been attracted to dishes that could straddle the line between breakfast and dessert. Mounds of berry pancakes with whipped cream fit the bill. Chocolate chip waffles? Absolutely. In my recent cookbook, I even managed to work in a recipe for breakfast cookies!
May 2, 2019
7 Pantry Essentials That Help Me Eat Healthier
This time of year, once the holiday cookies have been nibbled away and the eggnog put to rest, many of us begin about clearing the plate, so to speak. Today, I thought I’d share with you the seven essentials in our house that we use to jumpstart our healthy-eating routine for the new year. They’re all good basics, nothing too fancy or fussy, and should be easy to find at your local supermarket.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Hazelnut & Cherry Whole-Grain Crackers
If you’re anything like me, homemade gifts have become more and more appealing in recent years — they’re often cheaper than buying gifts at the store, and a homemade gift is sure to be something different and unexpected. This year, these simple and delicious hazelnut and cherry crackers have made my list. They’ll stay crisp and fresh for weeks, so you can make a few batches now and have them ready to go when you need a quick gift.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Southwest Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
I know what you’re thinking: Waking up on a Wednesday, cooking a pot of grains, and chopping onions and garlic is just not reality. I hear you (and I’m only cooking for me and my husband; we don’t even have kids yet). But I want to make a case for this dish, in the spirit of prepping for an excellent, inspiring breakfast ahead of time. If you start this recipe on Sunday afternoon, you’ll be set for the week ahead and it’ll take you far less than an hour.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Popeye Pesto Tofu Scramble
In my never-ending quest to think about quick, simple, protein-heavy breakfasts, I’ve been experimenting a lot with tofu scrambles over the past few weeks. My main reference for these egg-free scrambles is the one our college dining hall used to make as one of their “breakfast-for-dinner” nights — their version was a Southwest number, replete with huge chunks of red pepper, undercooked onions, and yesterday’s leftover beans.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Mixed Mushroom Egg Bakes
Despite the fact we are entering one of my favorite, easy, and effortless breakfast seasons (fresh berries and yogurt, anyone?), I love any chance to work protein into my mornings, so I’ve been doing a version of these egg bakes for some time now. They’re perfect for a weekday meal because they hold up in the refrigerator for a good five days. When baked ahead of time, you can have a brunch-worthy breakfast on an average Wednesday, and it will feel like a pretty big treat.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Baked Buckwheat Oatmeal with Blueberries & Almonds
It’s finally happening: Berry season is upon us. I can now stop staring at my bags of frozen Trader Joe’s berries, wondering when I’ll be able to pick up fresh ones in the store. Here in Seattle, we often see local cherries first and then, of course, all those gorgeous blueberries and strawberries, many from California.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Ratatouille Breakfast Skillet Strata
Having a few Weekend Warrior breakfast recipes in my back pocket has always served me well — recipes that go beyond oatmeal and yogurt into the territory of waffles, pancakes, stratas, and omelettes. That being said, I don’t like to spend a great deal of time on breakfast prep on the one day off I have with my husband, so I’ve been experimenting with recipes that allow you to really prep in advance — which make them good candidates for weekday breakfasts, too!
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Homemade Almond Butter with Honey & Cinnamon
Toast is certainly having a moment. Avocado toast is popping up on numerous cafe menus around our city, and I’ve been to a number of spots that serve toast with nut butters “made in-house.” And while I love a crusty slice of toasted bread slathered thick with almond butter, I often scoff at the price tag. So lately I’ve been making my own version at home.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Spiced Peach Turnovers
I rarely complain about a glut of any one summery ingredient — except maybe zucchini. That is, until recently. My husband and I work farmers markets in the summer months and have occasion to trade with other vendors, and lately we’ve been coming home with a lot of peaches. I usually slice one with my morning yogurt and occasionally we’ll have one for dessert, but there are only so many peaches a household of two can eat.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Spicy Vegetarian Breakfast Nachos
Nachos certainly have a time and place. When I was in college, that time and place broadened exponentially to include pretty much anywhere and any time, but today things have certainly changed. We make nachos occasionally when the Super Bowl is on or when a group of friends are over to watch a movie, so to try and persuade me that nachos belong on the breakfast table would be stretch, but after working on this recipe, I’m a changed woman.
May 1, 2019
10 Ways to Make a Better Grain Bowl
You’ve likely seen grain bowls in your favorite magazines, food blogs, and on trendy restaurant menus. They always look beautiful and taste so composed and interesting — the exact opposite of how they can come across in real life. So how do they do it? How is it that a dish that’s lauded for its supposed simplicity can seem so tough to pull off in reality? Grain bowls are a big part of my diet, but like anything, it’s really easy to fall into a rut.
Jan 4, 2017
Recipe: Eggnog Waffles with Spiced Whipped Cream
Last year we hosted family at our house on Christmas Day — all with a brand new baby. After a few moments of minor stress and lots of pacing, I’ve decided that the only way to have an easy, effortless day that I can truly enjoy is to do much of the food preparation in advance. So I started playing around with interesting, festive waffle recipes and landed on this incredibly tasty, fragrant eggnog waffle dressed up for the occasion with spiced whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon.
Dec 12, 2016
Why You Should Cook Your Oatmeal Like Laura Ingalls Wilder
We are all busy people in our own ways. Some of us have busy jobs, some manage busy families, others go to school or volunteer — for most of us, there’s no shortage of things to fill the day. So it’s a bit daring then to write about an oatmeal method that takes two hours — even for me, someone who writes about whole grains and experiments with different recipes as part of my job. At first this one seemed like a stretch — that is, until I finally tried it.
Oct 14, 2015
Why You Should Be Lacto-Fermenting Your Oatmeal (It’s Not Weird at All!)
We eat a lot of muesli and oatmeal in our house, and we usually soak the oats overnight in a little water or apple juice to save time in the morning. Recently, an intriguing new twist on this method came across my radar: lacto-fermenting oatmeal with yogurt. It’s simple: soak the oats in water and yogurt overnight, which kickstarts some lacto-fermentation in the oats. My husband used to live in a co-op, where they made oh-so-many fermented foods, so this seemed right up our alley.
Oct 13, 2015
Recipe: Steel-Cut Oats with Maple-Roasted Apples and Cheddar
I’ve become an oatmeal connoisseur. I’m that woman who orders oatmeal when eating out at relatively nice restaurants or on vacation to see just how they do it. When on a train trip a few months ago, I even became quite enamored with Amtrak oatmeal and would look forward to it each morning (it was a long train trip). Like you, I’m sure, I’ve had really great oatmeal and my share of pretty awful bowls, and I’ve learned a lot in between those experiences.
Oct 5, 2015
Recipe: Breakfast Barley Bowl with Mango, Coconut, and Banana
I’m a sucker for a good whole-grain breakfast bowl. In many ways, I consider it the perfect breakfast; grains are a great vehicle for seasonal fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and yogurt. While I tend to stick to cooking grains with water or broth when making dinner, in the morning I like to get a little creative and cook them with something other than water. Lately my go-to has been coconut milk, and this tropical barley bowl is evidence that it can be a pretty delicious move.
Sep 13, 2015
Two Experts Explain How to Care for Your Vintage Cookbooks
Whether you’re a true collector or just love picking up old cookbooks at garage sales or thrift stores every now and then, there are some easy things you can do to preserve your finds for many years to come. Some people actually like to use their vintage cookbooks in the kitchen, while others prefer to store them safely to maintain their value.
Apr 23, 2015
A Chef, a Baker, and a Chocolate Maker Talk About Growing a Business from the Ground Up
Cooking, baking, and owning a business of your own are dream jobs to many, and for good reason. There’s a certain romance in stirring a big pot of fragrant, melting chocolate, or in early morning light cast upon a tray of bubbling apple pies on their way to a farmers market.
Apr 8, 2015
5 Ways to Make Smoothies More Filling
Drinking vitamin-rich smoothies can be a terrific, wholesome way to start to the day. I’ve learned that the key to making them solid breakfast material is always adding an extra key ingredient or two. These are my five favorite ways to guarantee I blend up a super-satisfying smoothie that will fill me up and won’t leave me hungry in an hour. Nut butters, like almond butter or peanut butter, add a good hit of protein to your next smoothie. Plus, they act as a thickener.
Jan 3, 2015