Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Marie Myung-Ok Lee is a novelist and essayist who teaches at Columbia and is a kimchi-making hobbyist who believes most foods benefit from the addition of kimchi.
6 Ways to Try Gochujang (aka the New Sriracha)
Koreans love their hot food. According to the Chile Pepper Institute, Koreans consume 5.5 pounds of hot red pepper powder per person on an annual basis — and much of that goes into gochujang. Pronounced go­-choo-­jang, the spicy fermented paste is made from red chile peppers, sweet rice, and soy, giving the product a mellow heat — hot, but not the napalm blast you get with scotch bonnet peppers — and a funky sweetness.
May 1, 2019
The Korean Condiment That Taught Me to Love Spicy Food
I’m Korean, but I grew up in northern Minnesota, where the food is fatty, comforting, and bland. I’ve actually known people to complain that there is too much cinnamon in the Lender’s bagels. In the 1970s, Korean ingredients weren’t readily available and so my mother cooked what all the other moms cooked: lasagna, beef stroganoff, liver and onions, macaroni and cheese.
Aug 5, 2016