Margaret Abrams

Margaret is a freelance writer who covers culture and cocktails in New York City. She spent six years in New Orleans and is still searching for the perfect biscuit recipe.
Recipe: Ginger Honey Bee Cocktail
Picture it now: you’re being fanned and fed grapes while you sip on the quintessential summer cocktail. Okay, maybe the grapes and fanning won’t actually happen, but you can definitely make the cocktail part possible by breaking out your inner mixologist. Now that summertime is heating up and you’ve either reunited with your A/C unit or inner tube, you’re more than likely searching for a refreshing adult beverage that cools you down in these pesky rising temperatures.
Jul 21, 2015
Recipe: Watermelon Negroni
It’s no secret that watermelon is the “it” ingredient this summer. It’s on craft cocktail menus, it’s served with mint and ricotta in super Instagram-able salads at mega hip restaurants everywhere, and it’s still the best barbecue go-to in all the land. I love watermelon everything, but I haven’t figured out the perfect way to create a cocktail that doesn’t overpower the light, sweet taste.
Jun 30, 2015
Recipe: Cantaloupe Liqueur Cocktail
I’ve always looked forward to summer because it means fresh fruit, light drinks, and constant entertaining. After all, no one feels like inviting everyone over in the dead of winter, when you’d rather be bundled up in blankets. Once it’s sunny again, it calls for a celebration — and everyone knows that every celebration needs a signature drink that’s Pinterest perfect and ready for each and every Instagram filter.
Jun 24, 2015