Lisa Iannucci

The IKEA Buys That Tiny House Dwellers Swear by, Starting at $2
The idea of living in a tiny home is simple — you own, need, and use less stuff. But tiny home dwellers still do need some items in their home to, you know, live. The challenge is, these necessary items need to not take up more room than they’re worth. When a tiny home owner does find one of these magic items, it can be a life-changing experience. And, just like you, tiny home owners often turn to IKEA for these small-space savers.
Apr 30, 2019
The Kitchen Updates Guaranteed to Increase Your Home’s Value
In about six months, I’m putting the raised ranch home I have owned for 20+ years on the market. I know I must say goodbye to years of accumulated items — I really don’t think I need 12 colanders anymore — and I also know there are some repairs and upgrades I need to do to entice a buyer. I am thinking of starting with my kitchen — the most-used room in my home — because, well, it needs some TLC.
Apr 30, 2019
6 Problem-Solving Target Buys Tiny House Dwellers Swear By
If you live in a tiny home, you’re faced with living a full life with less space — and less stuff. This makes going to Target a difficult task for tiny homeowners, because, well, they’re just as tempted by all the cute, quirky, and cool things in the aisles as you are (the Target effect is real, y’all!) But it also means that these residents are experts at cutting through the clutter to find the best problem-solving products while shopping.
Apr 30, 2019