Lisa Appleton

Lisa is a recipe writer at Blue Apron. She was formerly an editor with Better Homes and Gardens branded food magazines. She is an alumna of The Culinary Institute of America and The University of Missouri. She lives in Brooklyn.
30 Hearty Vegetarian Dinners
Vegetarian dinners can be just as satisfying and filling as dishes that contain meat. You're sure to find a few new vegetarian recipes to add to your weekly rotation in this mix.
Nov 30, 2023
The 5 Best Apples for Baking
Ready to get baking with apples this fall? Pick one of these five varieties for the best results.
Oct 4, 2023
The 5 Best Apples for Baking
Ready to get baking with apples this fall? Pick one of these five varieties for the best results.
Oct 4, 2023
The Best Way to Store Apples so They Last as Long as Possible
Ours were still fresh after three weeks!
Oct 3, 2023
A Tip for Finding the Volume of Your Bundt Pan (and Why It Will Help You)
When you buy pans at the store, their size is clearly labeled, but when you inherit them from family or find them at a garage sale, it’s a little harder to decide. You may have a good eye for these things, but for those of us less fortunate, here’s a quick and easy tip for finding the volume of baking pans. Knowing the size you have on hand can make or break a recipe. The trick is actually very simple and requires very little effort.
Jan 21, 2020
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Baking a Bundt Cake
A Bundt cake is not your average cake. While all cakes strive to be delicious, the Bundt cake can be a little more fun and pretty than some other presentations simply because of the pan it’s baked in. To make sure you get the best cakes every time, avoid these five mistakes. Bundt cake recipes describe the Bundt pan by the number of cups of batter that it holds. Overfill it and your cake will overflow in the oven.
Jan 21, 2020
15 Things to Do with All the Apples You Pick This Fall
These ideas that might just inspire you to fill up two bags of apples at the orchard instead of one.
Oct 21, 2019
10 Ways the Slow Cooker Can Help You Eat More Vegetables This Summer
Let it do the work while you play.
Jun 10, 2019
10 Last-Minute Recipes to Make for Homemade Food Gifts
Make your friends and family feel extra special this year with the personal touch of a food gift. Even if you didn’t plan ahead, once you have the ingredients these recipes come together very quickly. You can start gifting within the same day. Make sure to include a tag with how long the gift will last and ideas describing how to use it. January is right around the corner from the holidays.
Jun 8, 2019
10 Strategies for Making Soup on a Weeknight
Making a satisfying soup on a weeknight is a delicious possibility, as long as you’ve got a good game plan. Sometimes that’s just as simple as having a good trick or two up your sleeve, like pre-chopping the vegetables ahead of time or gussying up a can or box of pre-made soup, and sometimes it means using your slow cooker. Here are 10 smart strategies to help you make weeknight homemade soup a reality.
Jun 5, 2019
7 Tips That Will Help You Grill Like a Pro
Summer’s here and the grilling’s easy — or at least it will be. From the entrée to the side to dessert, this method of cooking is one of the quickest, most flavorful ways to make a meal. With these helpful tips, the grill will be your new go-to for everything including burgers, steaks, salads, and more. For chefs, mise en place simply means to set up an organized work area with everything in it’s place.
May 1, 2019
17 Simple Summer Suppers to Eat with Your Hands
Summer is all about casual and relaxing meals. With the sun shining bright, it’s prime time to spend more time outside than caught up in the kitchen. Enter: the sandwich. Sandwiches are the perfect way to spend less time in the kitchen and less time cleaning while still feeling satisfied after a meal. They come together quickly and, since you don’t need any silverware, you can skip cleaning some dishes. Plus, it’s always more fun to eat with your hands.
May 1, 2019
10 Simple Ways to Eat More Tomatoes
Late summer is prime tomato season, which means I’m adding them to every meal I can. They’re so versatile that they can be the star of a dish or fabulous garnish. No matter what shape, size, or color you get, they’re sure to brighten any meal. So use these ideas to pack in all the tomatoes you can before the season ends. Yes, this is an obvious one, but tomato salads are anything but boring. Make this as simple or complicated as you’d like.
May 1, 2019
10 Ways to Turn Frozen Broccoli into Dinner
No matter the time of year, you can always find frozen broccoli in the freezer section at the grocery store. On its own, it’s a slightly boring side dish, but it shouldn’t be shoved to the side of your plate. Get creative with how you prepare it and make it the star of your meal. It’s a delicious way to mix up weeknight dinner, while also keeping your food budget in check. Frozen broccoli bakes up beautifully with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
May 1, 2019
4 Tips to Help You Break Out of Your Breakfast Sandwich Routine
I would be highly surprised to find someone who doesn’t like a breakfast sandwich of some kind. They are typically very easy to make and they don’t take a lot of time to put together. They keep you full until lunch and they’re a good choice for a breakfast on the go. But that’s also why it’s very easy to get stuck in a breakfast sandwich rut.
May 1, 2019
7 Ways to Make an Eggless Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Even when I’m crunched for time in the morning, I always make breakfast. Since sandwiches are so easy to put together, they’ve become my go-to for both lazy weekends and quick meals to eat on the way to work. I do love eggs, but sometimes there’s just no need for them; breakfast sandwiches can be just as delicious and satisfying without them. Here are seven eggless ideas to add to your weekly routine.
May 1, 2019
7 Ways to Pack More Vegetables into a Breakfast Sandwich
When you think of a breakfast sandwich, I’m guessing the classic bacon, egg, and cheese (or something very similar) comes to mind. Yes, that’s a delicious option, but it’s not the only one. Breakfast sandwiches are also a smart place to pack with vegetables, so start your day off right with these ideas to squeeze more wholesome veggies into your morning meal. An easy, low-carb breakfast is in reach.
May 1, 2019
7 Gluten-Free Alternatives for Your Breakfast Sandwich Bread
There’s no denying that gluten-free products are popping up everywhere in the grocery store. You can find replacements for almost everything including bread, pasta, waffles, pancakes, baked goods, and more. But what if you didn’t have to buy a replacement? There are lots of naturally gluten-free products out there as well. Here are seven ways to eat breakfast sandwiches without bread. Crisp, refreshing lettuce is a great alternative to sandwich bread.
May 1, 2019
7 Creamy Spreads for a Breakfast Sandwich
If I've learned one thing about making breakfast sandwiches over the years, it's that it's always necessary to have a creamy element to bring the whole thing together.
May 1, 2019
3 Essential Tips for a Better Breakfast Sandwich
Take a moment and think of your favorite breakfast sandwich. If it’s made with bread, what kind? What are the fillings? Does it have meat, eggs, or cheese in it? Some of you might be thinking of the classic egg and cheese, while some might picture a vegan medley of vegetables without any egg and cheese at all. No matter what you dream of eating in the morning, here are three tips to make any breakfast sandwich better.
May 1, 2019
5 Little Tips That Will Make You Better at Grilling
The summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away the grill for the year. There are still plenty of nice days left to master the grill and get quick, delicious dinners on the table. The first step is knowing the basics. Although there are many brands, shapes, and sizes of grills on the market, there are a few things that will always stay the same. Turn to these five tips for grilling success every time.
May 1, 2019
5 Things to Cook During a Thunderstorm
A thunderstorm is the perfect excuse to stay inside all day, but it doesn’t mean you have to cancel your plans. There’s plenty you can do at home that you were planning to do elsewhere — especially when it comes to the kitchen. Have friends over for a little get-together, or treat yourself at home — just don’t let the rain get in the way. Here are five fun food ideas to make while it’s pouring outside.
May 1, 2019
Rainy-Day Play: 5 Things You Can Make with Pantry Staples
Pantry-friendly recipes are there for you when you need to put a quick meal together. It’s usually something familiar and probably something the whole family enjoys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it more interesting. Turn to the pantry for inspiration on adding variety to your dishes and making a recipe feel new again. Here are five easy ideas for pantry staples.
May 1, 2019
Date Night Menu: 10 Small Plates for Movie Night with Your Best Buds
A movie night at home is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my friends. Everyone can get comfortable on the couch and you get to take movie snacks beyond the standard soda and popcorn. I like to serve hearty snacks and small plates that become a meal in themselves. These recipes are easy on the host to make, and will leave everyone happy to change it up from the popcorn routine. No party at my house is complete without a cheese board.
May 1, 2019
5 Tips to Help You Make a Better Pot of Lentils
Lentils are a hearty addition to any dish, yet they are often an underused ingredient. They cook quickly, especially when compared to other legumes or beans, and are just as versatile (they work in burgers, soups, and salads). So if you aren’t in the habit yet, making a big batch on Sunday means a week of delicious meals at your fingertips. Whether you’re new to lentils or just want a refresher on cooking them, here are five tips to help you make a pot to be proud of.
May 1, 2019
10 Monkey Breads That Will Make You Go Bananas
Gooey, sticky, and sweet, monkey bread is indulgence at its best. Although there’s all kinds of savory varieties now, I can’t help but fall back to the sweeter side. Luckily there’s a recipe for every kind of sweet tooth, including these 10 we found on Pinterest. Caramel sauce gives this bread an extra-gooey factor, while the shower of sea salt at the end adds just enough intrigue to keep you coming back for more. Many people forget that winter is prime time for citrus.
May 1, 2019
5 Reasons Fall Is Actually the Best Time to Grill
Summer may be over, but that’s not a good reason to put the grill away for the year. Sure, there might be a slight chill in the air, but that’s even more reason to warm up by the cooking fire. Even with a grill pan on the stove, it’s hard to replicate the grill lines and flavor that comes from an outdoor grill. Here are five reasons you should make the grill your go-to in fall. Tailgating without some kind of food is unheard of, and even more so without the grill.
May 1, 2019
5 Tips for Better Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts can be so much more than the boiled, bitter side dish that some of us may have had in our childhood. A tasty dish of Brussels sprouts starts with the Brussels sprouts that you buy and how you prepare them for cooking. So the next time you buy and cook Brussels sprouts, use these five tips for even tastier results. When you’re shopping for Brussels sprouts, look for balls with tight, compact leaves. They should be bright green, without any browned spots or yellowing leaves.
May 1, 2019
17 Slow Cooker Dinners That Will Make Your House Smell Amazing
There’s nothing like walking in the door after a long day at work and being greeted by the delicious aroma of dinner. With the help of the slow cooker, dinner is done with minimal hands-on work. Cozy up with one of these 17 dishes — including meaty bolognese, shredded chicken fajitas, and vegan lentil chili — and pat yourself on the back for doing all the work beforehand. Go hearty with stick-to-your-bones favorites.
May 1, 2019
12 Minimalist Cookie Recipes for the Low-Key Baker
Here’s what we love about baking: There’s a recipe for every kind of baker, including those who prefer to have homemade cookies within 30 minutes. If you fall in the latter category, you came to the right place. This collection is full of cookies that are delicious yet very simple to make. While you still need to measure precisely (this is baking, after all), these recipes require minimal effort.
May 1, 2019
7 Tips to Help You Make a Better Brisket
During Hanukkah (and well beyond), there are bound to be many briskets gracing tables around America. Braised brisket takes time, but a great brisket is not hard to bring to the table. These seven simple tips will help you make a better brisket every time. There’s a delicate balance here. Leave too much fat and the braising liquid you’re left with will be greasy. However, you don’t want to cut off too much fat; fat equals flavor in the final dish.
May 1, 2019
5 Things We Do for Better Tomato Soup
Rich tomato soup is a classic recipe rivaled only by maybe chicken noodle or matzo ball in nostalgia. While you might have a go-to recipe, there are always things you can do to soup to boost the flavor. For tomato soup in particular, here are a few things you can do to make it better every time. This probably isn’t a surprise, as basil and tomatoes are a delicious duo.
Oct 16, 2016
The Best Place to Buy Carbon Steel Pans
If you’re a fan of cast iron, then you’ll want to try carbon steel The difference between the two (and the main benefit of carbon steel) is that carbon steel pans tend to be thinner and lighter than their cast iron cousins. They can also be cheaper than cast iron pans to buy — especially if you know where to look. Restaurant supply stores are a hidden secret for home cooks. You can get everything you need to feel just like a chef in a restaurant, including carbon steel pans.
Oct 14, 2016
The Best Way to Prevent Sticking in a Bundt Pan
Bundt cakes are made extra special by the shape of the pan they are baked in. While they all have the standard open tube down the middle, the design and shape of the sides can be any number of things. You want to take every precaution to ensure that your cake comes out of the mold in one piece. Here’s the best way to prevent sticking. Nonstick pans are important, but don’t trust only a pan.
Oct 13, 2016
5 Best Foods to Cook in a Carbon Steel Pan
You’ve made the leap and bought a carbon steel pan. (If you haven’t, you should definitely give them a try.) They’re a versatile kitchen pan that can go from stovetop to oven without problems. They hold their heat well and over time you can create a nonstick surface much like cast iron. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive. Now it’s time to get into the kitchen and get familiar with what this pan can do.
Oct 12, 2016
What’s the Best Bundt Pan Material?
When you take the time to bake a cake at home, you want to be sure that it’s time well spent. You definitely need a good recipe, but you also need a good pan — especially with bundt cakes. The decorative sides create a beautiful presentation, but the crevices are also a prime place for sticking.
Oct 5, 2016